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Jose Gonzalez in The Current studio
After Jose Gonzalez played a live set in The Current's studio, he stopped to talk about the Spanish classical guitars he enjoys playing. He also explains why, even though he's right-hand dominant, he prefers to bowl left-handed. (04/22/2015)
Andrew Carwood, Director of Music, St Paul's
Director of Music at St Paul's Cathedral, London, since 2007, Andrew Carwood has been conducting choirs since he was 16 years old. He recently described what it's like to sing at St. Paul's Cathedral and the music program he oversees there. "It's very exciting for me," he says. "I like to encourage the boys to sing as well as they possibly can." (04/21/2015)
George Ezra
For George Ezra, it was love at first sight -- for his guitar, that is. When he walked into a guitar shop in London's fabled Denmark Street, a 1959 Gretsch hollow-body instantly caught his eye, and he was also glad to see it was missing something. George Ezra tells us about his hollow-body guitar in the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection. (04/08/2015)
The longtime writer and actor on Conan O'Brien's late-night shows is a huge music fan. 'Bands like the Replacements and R.E.M. were as influential to me when it comes to comedy as a lot of my favorite comedians were,' he says. Read more about Brian Stack and the music that moves him. (03/05/2015)
Rob Grote and Pat Cassidy of The Districts have an equal stake in their Gibson Les Paul Recording II guitar: Rob owns it, and Pat plays it. But after all their gear and their van were stolen, it's lucky they even have it at all. Rob and Pat tell the story. (02/25/2015)
Bach in the Subways founder Dale Henderson describes how his volunteer network seeks to spread the beauty and calm of classical music around the globe on Bach's birthday, which is coming up on Saturday, March 21. (02/20/2015)
This Sunday, Feb. 8, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (also known as The Recording Academy) will host its 57th annual Grammy Awards presentation. Awards will be given in 82 categories, but how does it all work? Here's an infographic and an article to explain it. (02/06/2015)
The red oval and The Current seem to go hand in hand. And The Current's listeners have embraced this simple yet elegant design, whether posting it as window clings or wearing it on t-shirts or carrying oval-emblazoned water bottles. But where did that oval come from? A former MPR graphic designer sheds some light on it. (01/23/2015)
Glass Animals' front man Dave Bayley loves Hofner Guitars, even though he says they are made of 'annoyingly cheap' wood. But it's the guitars' sound that draws him in and has made him a collector. Bayley purchased his guitar in a shop in Denmark Street in London -- one of the places on the itinerary of the upcoming London Beat with Mark Wheat tour. "It's called 'Guitar Alley'," Bayley says. "There's loads of vintage guitar shops." (01/14/2015)
A violist, cellist and bassist share their insights on a new rule to create a standard policy for carrying instruments on cramped airplanes. (01/11/2015)
Musicians have experienced inconsistent policies when traveling with their instruments, leading to a new ruling from the U.S. Department of Transportation intended to create a standard policy across the industry. Speaking to Classical MPR, a violist, a cellist and a bassist shared their insights on travel and on the new rule. (01/09/2015)
Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile describes her Collings custom guitar, a guitar make she starting playing based on the recommendation of a songwriting legend. (12/31/2014)
Frequently throughout the year, albums featured on New Classical Tracks are offered as free giveaways, given to lucky winners in a random draw. In this unscientific poll, here are the top 10 most-coveted albums of 2014, based on number of giveaway entrants. (12/30/2014)
Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski has awarded the former Minnesota Orchestra music director with the Grand Cross of the Order of Reborn Poland in honor of contributions to Polish culture. (12/22/2014)
On Dec. 11, 2008, Minnesota Public Radio's Morning Show with Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole (aka Tom Keith) made its final broadcast. That same day, a new service, Radio Heartland, began streaming. Program Director Mike Pengra recently sat down to reflect on Radio Heartland past, present and future. (12/11/2014)