Cara Hetland Feature Archive

The residents of Brookings, S.D. have a unique ballot measure to vote on next week. They'll decide whether to keep an agreement that city leaders signed with the DM&E railroad or throw it out. (11/03/2006)
It's not easy for Democrats to be elected governor in South Dakota. In the history of the state, only four Democrats have sat in the executive chair and recent polls show it's not likely to happen this year. (11/02/2006)
Eleven South Dakota ballot measures along with races for governor and congress will keep voters busy on Election Day with the second-longest ballot in state history. (10/17/2006)
The life and legacy of George McGovern was recounted as a new library in his name was dedicated this weekend. (10/07/2006)
A national moratorium banning new physician-owned specialty hospitals has been lifted. We look at what will happen in a state like South Dakota, where there seems to be an interest in these facilities. (09/26/2006)
For the first time ever, one of South Dakota's biggest tourist attractions won't change its look because there isn't enough corn to go around. The world's only Corn Palace is being hit hard by the drought. (09/12/2006)
South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has delayed an execution because he said it may violate state law. (08/30/2006)
South Dakota could execute it's first death row inmate since 1947, next week. Elijah Page has given up his right to appeal his conviction for the brutal murder of a man in March of 2000. (08/24/2006)
South Dakota gubernatorial candidates debate for the first time before an audience of farmers. They talked more than just agriculture. (08/15/2006)
The South Dakota Supreme Court says voters have a right to repeal existing laws and in November they'll vote on 11 ballot initiatives including the fate of video lottery and a cell phone tax. (08/09/2006)
At the 25th annual Farmfest in Redwood Falls, a couple hundred farmers took a day off Tuesday, to listen to politicians and check out the latest equipment. (08/02/2006)
The harvest of winter wheat is just finishing up and combines will move over to the spring wheat harvest this week or early next. Farmers expect $5 per bushel this year. That's up $1.50 over last year. Consumers are seeing an increase in the grocery store but the reason for that might surprise you. (07/23/2006)
A Sioux Falls man is in the running for a 3-month stint as a reality race car driver. Greg Gunderson has something to prove and it's not just about winning. (07/12/2006)
The South Dakota abortion ban presents a powerful platform for social debate. Some people won't talk about it because they are afraid of what their friends may think. Two friends agreed to talk to each other even though they have different views. (06/20/2006)
As we prepare for the long Memorial Day weekend, one southern Minnesota town will remember its most recent fallen soldier. Lance Cpl. Robert Posivio III was killed in Iraq on Tuesday. (05/25/2006)