Cara Hetland Feature Archive

The head of the Federal Railroad Administration says the $2.3 billion federal loan sought by DM&E would pose an unacceptably high risk to federal taxpayers. (02/26/2007)
South Dakota has set up free vaccinations for young girls to prevent the human papilloma virus. As some states consider measures to make it mandatory, South Dakota is looking to let people choose their course of action. How are families handling this? (02/26/2007)
The bald eagle will soon lose its endangered species status. The birds have made a remarkable comeback especially in the upper Midwest. South Dakota now has more than 50 nesting pairs and there are more than 9,000 nests across the country. (02/08/2007)
A Sioux Falls-based hospital has received one of the largest donations ever to a health care system. Sioux Valley Hospital announced the $400 million dollar gift from philanthropist T. Denny Sanford. Hospital officials say the donation will put the system at the forefront of both treatment and research. (02/04/2007)
Members of the South Dakota Senate voted to condemn Sen. Dan Sutton (D-Flandreau) for allegations that he behaved inappropriately with a teenage legislative page. (01/31/2007)
Business leaders in South Dakota are taking an interesting approach to economic development. They're using money set aside for recruiting new businesses and investing it in preschool education. (01/30/2007)
A South Dakota state senator defended himself against allegations he groped a teenage page nearly a year ago. Sen. Dan Sutton is the subject of a special state Senate inquiry into the allegations. (01/25/2007)
Members of the South Dakota Senate heard from four witnesses in the first day of an unusual legislative hearing. A select committee is hearing testimony into alleged sexual misconduct by Sen. Dan Sutton (D-Flandreau). (01/24/2007)
The South Dakota Supreme Court says the state Senate can proceed with disciplinary proceedings against a senator accused of sexual misconduct. (01/18/2007)
South Dakota lawmakers will take on a wide range of issues in their upcoming session. Those will include early childhood education, health care and capitol punishment, as well as allegations of misconduct against a state senator. (01/09/2007)
U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson has made it through the first 72 hours since emergency brain surgery last week. Those who know him best say Johnson will approach his recovery the same way he does most everything -- deliberately and without fanfare. (12/19/2006)
The Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad could find out as early as next month if it will receive a $2.3 billion loan from the Federal Railroad Administration. The loan would help upgrade existing tracks and lay new line. Is the government loan a sound business decision? (12/13/2006)
There won't be a special session of lawmakers in South Dakota later this month. That's because the lawmaker under investigation resigned; but only for a few weeks. (11/14/2006)
In a vote that attracted national attention, South Dakotans rejected a state law that banned nearly all abortions. 56 percent of the voters rejected the ban. (11/08/2006)
South Dakota lawmakers approved an abortion ban earlier this year. A group opposed to the ban referred the law to a public vote. (11/05/2006)