Cara Hetland Feature Archive

Despite heavy rain across parts of the region, concerns remain about dry conditions in Minnesota and South Dakota. (07/18/2007)
South Dakota executed convicted murderer Elijah Page Wednesday night by lethal injection. This was the first execution in the state in 60 years. (07/12/2007)
Elijah Page is scheduled to die by lethal injection Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 10:00 p.m. It will be the first execution in South Dakota in 60 years. (07/11/2007)
Elijah Page's execution was delayed last summer because the state's lethal injection laws were questioned. New laws are in place but some opponents of the death penalty say they only complicate the issue and lay the ground work for further legal challenges. (07/02/2007)
Officials in South Dakota are preparing for the state's first execution in 60 years; an execution that was delayed at the last minute, last summer. (06/25/2007)
A unique lab in Sioux Falls will take on cutting-edge genomics research to study adolescent mental health. Researchers hope to learn the role that environment and genetics play in influencing the development of behavioral disorders. (06/08/2007)
The Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer for many people, and that means the start of the summer travel season. (05/27/2007)
Sanford Health is gaining ground in the health care industry when it comes to pediatric care. The Sioux Falls health network is building a new children's hospital, teaming with the Mayo Clinic on research and building five new clinics around the country. (05/23/2007)
South Dakota has the potential to generate enough wind energy to power half of the nation's electrical needs. But in reality, the state's wind production isn't enough to create even a slight breeze for the nation's power markets. (05/16/2007)
Five of the cities' older schools will offer a curriculum focused on math and science, technology and arts. The idea is to give families some new choices and help the schools compete for enrollment. (05/08/2007)
The South Dakota Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in a first-of-its-kind case dealing with open records. (04/23/2007)
South Dakota and the city of Sioux Falls are pursuing online high school programs. Both programs aim to offer more expanded choices for quality programs. (03/29/2007)
South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson has released his first statement and photos since being hospitalized three months ago for a brain hemorrhage. (03/13/2007)
Sen. Tim Johnson continues to recover from a brain hemorrhage he suffered in December. Johnson's staff says he works on Senate business as he focuses on rehabilitation. (03/08/2007)
Now that the federal government has denied a huge loan for the DM&E railroad expansion, is the project dead? DM&E still has federal approval to expand its lines, but no financing. People along the rail line in southern Minnesota and South Dakota are wondering what's yet to come. (02/27/2007)