Cara Hetland Feature Archive

One indication of a sluggish economy, is home sales. Nationwide, housing sales are slow, but South Dakota is bucking that trend. (03/10/2008)
It's time to start thinking about your summer vacation. At least that's what tourism officials want you to do. Neighboring states want your tourism dollars and they're paying big bucks to get them. (03/03/2008)
Many rural school districts struggle with declining enrollments. One western Minnesota district is looking across the state border for its best fix. (02/19/2008)
South Dakota lawmakers are changing the way farmland in the state is assessed. Currently, property tax assessments are based on the sale price of land, but Lawmakers passed legislation Tuesday that requires the assessed value be based on the income off the land. (02/13/2008)
New technology is helping people who are paralyzed a chance to use of their arms and legs again. Studies show the device called Bioness, works with stroke patients. A Sioux Falls rehabilitation center is testing how it works with patients suffering from a spinal cord injury. (01/28/2008)
South Dakota saw an eight percent growth in tourism in 2007. The new numbers exceed projections from national tourism organizations. (01/17/2008)
When a person dies, the kind of investigation that's done varies from state to state. The trend appears to encourage the use of medical examiners rather than coroners. While the field of forensic pathology may seem popular on television, it's not so in real life. (01/17/2008)
South Dakota's 2008 Legislative session begins today. S.D. Gov. Mike Rounds delivers his state of the state address this afternoon. (01/08/2008)
South Dakota has one of the largest percentages of acreage coming out of the conservative reserve program. Much of it may go back into production to take advantage of higher crop prices with the potential for a dramatic impact on wildlife habitat. (12/26/2007)
Pregnant women who drink alcohol risk giving birth to children with permanent brain damage. As these kids grow up, many get in trouble with the law. Experts say the country's justice system is ill-equipped to deal fairly with fetal alcohol offenders. (12/20/2007)
U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) held his first news conference since suffering from a stroke a year ago. (12/12/2007)
New research and studies seek to answer questions about how alcohol affects a fetal brain. The goal is to diagnose children with fetal alcohol syndrome earlier. (12/03/2007)
It was ten years ago that Minnesota became the first state to require a 10 percent blend of ethanol in all gas. Now, the industry is experiencing a glut and prices are in the dumper. So, is this fledgling industry mature enough so that our policies around it should change? (11/15/2007)
Sanford Health plans to hire 900 medical researchers in the next decade. The new research facility is just another example of what you can buy with $400 million. (10/31/2007)
U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., says he will run for re-election next year. Johnson suffered an aneurysm late last year and is still recovering. (10/19/2007)