Cara Hetland Feature Archive

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama made his first stop in South Dakota Friday. (05/16/2008)
The family of a motorcyclist killed in an accident involving former South Dakota U.S. Rep. and Governor Bill Janklow has settled a wrongful death lawsuit. (05/14/2008)
The land is what attracted many settlers to Minnesota even before it was a state. It's the land that keeps many families here including a family that's farmed near Albert Lea for more than 150 years. (05/12/2008)
Clinton, speaking in an airport hangar in Sioux Falls, said the Democratic Party will be stronger as the process continues. (05/08/2008)
Business at some air charter services in our region has more than doubled in the last seven years. (04/28/2008)
Truckers from Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota upset with high fuel prices are planning a protest today in South Dakota's capital city of Pierre. (04/28/2008)
It's being called the Sanford Project. A year ago, Sioux Falls philanthropist T. Denny Sanford pledged $400 million for research to come up with a cure for a chronic disease. The list of those diseases is down to four. (04/18/2008)
The South Dakota Supreme Court is taking steps to allow cameras and audio recording of circuit court proceedings. Minnesota has allowed cameras in courtrooms for more than 15 years, if all parties agree. (04/16/2008)
The city of Sioux Falls will sell methane gas from decomposing garbage in landfills to fuel a nearby ethanol plant. (04/11/2008)
Many analysts attribute a strong and healthy financial industry in South Dakota to a strong agriculture economy and small community banks. (04/09/2008)
The U.S. Census Bureau reports Sioux Falls, S.D., is among the 50 fastest growing areas in the United States. (03/27/2008)
The National Math and Science Initiative gave $2 million to reach out to rural kids. The program encourages high school students to take Advanced Placement classes online in exchange for a cash bonus if they pass the final test. (03/21/2008)
Two years ago, voters defeated a abortion ban passed by the state's legislature. (03/13/2008)
South Dakota voters could once again, decide if abortions should be banned in the state. A group is circulating petitions for a ballot measure in November. (03/12/2008)
The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission has unanimously approved a construction permit for a new oil pipeline. (03/12/2008)