Catharine Richert Feature Archive

Who knew eight words could be so controversial? House Republicans and DFLers are sparring over a proposed constitutional amendment that will be listed on the 2016 ballot as "Remove lawmakers' power to set their own pay." (05/14/2014)
Late last year, emergency unemployment insurance expired and U.S. House Democrats have been on a crusade to renew it even though their Republican colleagues aren't interested. (05/09/2014)
Jim Oberstar served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1975 to 2011. The DFLer represented northeastern Minnesota's 8th District. (05/03/2014)
Gov. Mark Dayton gave a late-season State of the State address this week. In it, he highlighted some of the bright spots in Minnesota's economic, education and health outlook as evidence that changes made during his tenure are making the state better. PoliGraph looked at three of those statements this week. (05/02/2014)
Because there is no state-level data on health insurance costs or projected costs for school districts, MMB had to survey schools, and 22 responded. Of them, nine said the health care law's new mandates wouldn't cost them anything. (04/30/2014)
The Minnesota branch of the Institute for Justice says that "special source" limits on how much a candidate can take from lobbyists, wealthy donors and political funds have a chilling effect on free speech. Right now, state law limits the total amount Minnesota candidates can take from certain types of contributors. (04/28/2014)
According to a joint research effort between the University of Minnesota Humphrey School's Center on Women & Public Policy and the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, roughly 51 percent of working mothers were the primary breadwinner in their families in 2012. (04/25/2014)
Democrats say they're focusing on the issue to underscore their party's priorities, while Republicans are focusing on the law to fire-up the party faithful and to highlight their conservative credentials. (04/22/2014)
It's true that Dayton signed a bill that lowered taxes by about $508 million, but he also raised taxes by $2.1 Billion in the previous session. And to say these cuts are all "new" is a stretch. (04/18/2014)
Seventh Congressional District Rep. Collin Peterson has raised nearly $218,000 since the start of the year. (04/13/2014)
Ask any political professional about how to win an election, and they will tell you voter turnout is key. With the 2014 mid-term election approaching, Democrats and Republicans are using a new set of digital tools to try to identify people who will vote for their candidates and ensure that those people cast ballots. (04/09/2014)
With the Republican endorsing convention more than a month away, the state's DFL party still has a wide field of GOP candidates to target. (04/04/2014)
The proposed new Senate Office Building is getting a lot of attention at the Capitol right now, and will be getting a lot of attention this coming election season, too. (03/28/2014)
It's not unusual for national political groups to spend money on behalf of Minnesota candidates, but the RSLC's strategy is different. It's working closely with an independent in-state group, Minnesota's Future, to target money to candidates offering the best chance to restore a GOP majority to the state House. (03/27/2014)
In a speech to union workers this week, House Speaker Paul Thissen said the Legislature is focusing on putting more money in the pockets of Minnesotans. (03/21/2014)