Catharine Richert Feature Archive

Seventh Congressional District Rep. Collin Peterson has raised nearly $218,000 since the start of the year. (04/13/2014)
Ask any political professional about how to win an election, and they will tell you voter turnout is key. With the 2014 mid-term election approaching, Democrats and Republicans are using a new set of digital tools to try to identify people who will vote for their candidates and ensure that those people cast ballots. (04/09/2014)
With the Republican endorsing convention more than a month away, the state's DFL party still has a wide field of GOP candidates to target. (04/04/2014)
The proposed new Senate Office Building is getting a lot of attention at the Capitol right now, and will be getting a lot of attention this coming election season, too. (03/28/2014)
It's not unusual for national political groups to spend money on behalf of Minnesota candidates, but the RSLC's strategy is different. It's working closely with an independent in-state group, Minnesota's Future, to target money to candidates offering the best chance to restore a GOP majority to the state House. (03/27/2014)
In a speech to union workers this week, House Speaker Paul Thissen said the Legislature is focusing on putting more money in the pockets of Minnesotans. (03/21/2014)
A big reason rates are so much higher in southeast Minnesota is because of the Rochester-based Mayo Clinic. (03/18/2014)
Peterson was first elected to Congress in 1990 but had been on the fence about running again in a district where the GOP sees opportunity this fall with a veteran state legislator likely to have that party's nomination. (03/17/2014)
If a recent special election in Florida tells us anything, the health care policy will be front and center in the 2014 elections. (03/14/2014)
Non-profits can skirt disclosure rules by avoiding using certain words in their ads, or by advocating for an issue rather than a candidate. Two legislative committees plan to debate a bill this week that would require some groups that conduct political activities to say more about their donors. (03/11/2014)
Republicans say property taxes have gone up this year. Democrats say they've gone down. Confused? So was PoliGraph. (03/07/2014)
When Republican operative Ben Golnik looks at a map of Minnesota, he sees opportunity. He thinks his party has a shot at taking over the state House and possibly the governor's mansion, and he formed a group called the Minnesota Jobs Coalition to do just that. (03/04/2014)
Gill Action is part of a highly coordinated effort to help Minnesota lawmakers who took tough votes in favor of same-sex marriage as they face re-election. (02/19/2014)
Internal documents and interviews with insurance company officials, county workers and other stakeholders reveal a more complicated story of MNsure's problems than the explanations offered by management. (02/12/2014)
The results of the non-binding poll came after a long night of caucusing around the state among Republican voters. The DFL Party held their own caucuses, but with Mark Dayton and Al Franken seeking re-election Democrats did not conduct a straw poll for the governor or Senate race. (02/04/2014)