Catharine Richert Feature Archive

At first blush, the new proposal to build a football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings in downtown Minneapolis would cost just under $1 billion. But a closer look shows the cost might be higher than that, and that some of the money stadium supporters are counting on may not materialize. (03/01/2012)
Along with a new congressional map, a special court panel released the new political boundaries the Minnesota Legislature. (02/21/2012)
A special court panel's new maps of Minnesota congressional districts would throw incumbent Reps. Michele Bachmann and Betty McCollum into the same district. (02/21/2012)
After its efforts to help elect Mark Dayton as governor paid off in 2010, Alliance for a Better Minnesota is turning its sights on helping the DFL win back control of the Legislature. (02/21/2012)
Today is a deadline for campaigns in Minnesota to release detailed reports about who gives them money. One of the names that is sure to surface in those reports is Robert Cummins, a wealthy donor who stays out of the spotlight but wields tremendous power over Republican candidates and campaigns. Cummins and his family have given millions to conservative Minnesota candidates and causes over the past 15 years. (02/01/2012)
Minnesota Republican Party leaders are trying to restore confidence among donors and rank-and-file party members who are troubled by financial mismanagement over the last two and a half years. (01/20/2012)
Tony Sutton, a Republican leader with 25 years of hard-earned respect from the party that prides itself on fiscal discipline, awarded contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants, lawmakers, candidates and party insiders over the course of nearly 30 months as state party chairman, contributing to the financial wreckage the party is trying to fix today. (01/20/2012)
Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday morning that she is suspending her bid for the White House. (01/04/2012)
After placing first in the Iowa Straw Poll less than five months ago, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann finished last Tuesday among the candidates actively campaigning in the Iowa caucuses. But Bachmann sounded upbeat at her post-caucus party, and gave no indication she was ready to drop out. (01/03/2012)
Iowa Republicans will decide tomorrow who they want to be their presidential nominee, and all the candidates vying to win the Iowa caucuses criss-crossed the state making one last pitch for support. (01/02/2012)
Only seven percent of likely Republican caucus-goers will vote for Rep. Michele Bachmann in Tuesday's caucuses, according to the Des Moines Register's latest poll. (01/01/2012)
Here are some signs of a successful Iowa caucus campaign: rising poll numbers, a super PAC and attention from competitors. Quite suddenly, Rick Santorum can lay claim to all three. (12/31/2011)
Mitt Romney showed up to his Ames, Iowa, campaign rally like most contenders for the Republican presidential nomination: in a bus. (12/30/2011)
If there's a new character in the story of the 2012 Iowa caucuses, it's the undecided voter. (12/29/2011)
Cullen Sheehan was the top staffer in the Minnesota Senate. He is also the first person to blow the whistle on an alleged inappropriate relationship between Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and a male staffer. (12/21/2011)