Peter Valelly Feature Archive

The ultimate internal contradiction in Maus' work, the irresolvable, mysterious conflict that catalyzes and animates his entire aesthetic, is its the ineffable way it draws so heavily on the pastwhile also opening up unfamiliar and potent new musical landscapes. (09/08/2011)
Classical MPR is proud to announce that violinist Chad Hoopes will be our 2011-2012 Artist-in-Residence. Hoopes has racked up a remarkable resume, having performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony and more. He's also appeared at several European festivals and received substantial media attention. It's an impressive list of accomplishments and accolades for anyone -- and it's made even more astonishing by the fact that Hoopes is 17. (08/01/2011)
Thurston Moore is an indie-rock icon who founded and continues to play in the legendary Sonic Youth, and has also dabbled in solo work, racked up an impressive list of collaborations in the experimental classical and noise scenes, founded a record label and still found time to raise a family with Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon. 89.3 The Current was thrilled to welcome Thurston Moore to MPR's UBS Forum for a special solo session. (07/28/2011)
Jolie Holland may have once been a founding member of the Vancouver group the Be Good Tanyas, but she was born in Texas. It's those American roots, perhaps, that color her solo career, which is built upon a rich tapestry of different Americana styles, from bluegrass to blues to folk. (07/15/2011)
The Durham, N.C.-based band Mount Moriah only just released their self-titled debut LP a couple of months ago, preceeded by 2010's "Letting Go" EP, but guitarist Jenks Miller first started a band under the Biblically-influenced name Mount Moriah around five years ago. After some drastic shifts in sound and line-up, the band's sound has settled into a sweet, melancholy strain of folk music. (07/15/2011)
The dark, disjointed rap psychedelia of "Black Up" is sure to make it one of this year's most singular and potent musical statements, and Butler's lyricism has only grown sharper since his Digable Planets days. (06/28/2011)
As they effortlessly fold ideas from the rock, hip-hop, global traditional musics and electronic dance music into their sound, Gang Gang Dance forge a new type of "world music" where all of the world's music is potentially collapsible into a new hallucinatory Western pop. (06/03/2011)
How much do you know about the Purple One? Take our quiz to find out! (05/31/2011)
The Bad Plus are a Minneapolis jazz trio who are perhaps best known for their instrumental covers of rock songs, which earned them the honor of being called "as badass as highbrow gets" by Rolling Stone. However, later this month, the group will swing decidedly more towards the "highbrow" end of that balancing act, as they debut their reinterpretation of Stravinsky's legendary ballet "The Rite of Spring" at the Loring Theater in Minneapolis. (05/19/2011)
Throughout "Tomboy," the songs exude a sense of inner journeying, bolstered by Lennox's soaring, searching voice and the wide-open psychedelic panorama of sound. (04/22/2011)
Toro y Moi has a tough act to follow on his new album, "Underneath the Pine." (02/21/2011)
"The King of Limbs" consists of eight strange and understated songs. There are no anthems and no multi-part epics, no nostalgic returns to form and no game-changers. Instead, it's the kind of record that a band their age should and would make: modest in scope, yet unselfconscious, exploratory and wise. (02/18/2011)
It's quite rare for a producer of dance music to make a foray into singing, but that's exactly what British electronic wunderkind James Blake has done on his self-titled debut LP. (02/04/2011)
The Soft Pack released their self-titled debut LP on February 2 after a handful of singles and a lot of buzz. (02/26/2010)
LoneLady put out her debut album "Nerve Up" last week on Warp Records. (02/22/2010)