Jennifer Allen

Associate Music Director
Minnesota Public Radio

Jennifer Allen is the Associate Music Director for Classical MPR and is responsible for classical music programming and library organization. What she enjoys most about her job is sharing great music with MPR audiences. Anderson started with Classical MPR as an intern in October 2005. She holds a degree in music from Macalester College and currently resides in St. Paul.

Jennifer Allen Feature Archive

Fields and Mountains
Music that's evocative of serene plains, soaring mountains, community gatherings, raucous dancing -- just a few of the many hallmarks of the uniquely American sound. In anticipation of the Fourth of July holiday this weekend, we'll hear five works by American composers. (06/29/2015)
Igor Stravinsky
Russian composer Igor Stravinsky is regarded as one of modern classical music's biggest influences. His innovative use of rhythm and harmony, and ability to infuse his works with a unique voice while exploring a wide range of styles, continue to inspire composers today. We'll touch on some of his compositional periods, and hear some of his most famous pieces, in this week's Morning Glories. (06/05/2015)
Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, when sunny days abound and minds turn to weekend escapes. With warmer weather ahead, we'll spark those thoughts all this week, with Morning Glory pieces about lakes. (05/25/2015)
This week, Classical MPR begins broadcasting the studio recordings of the Featured Round Artists in this year's Minnesota Varsity competition. To celebrate youth in music, we'll hear performances on Morning Glories from classical musicians who've gained international fame before the age of 35. (03/09/2015)
The holiday season means music, and for many, it also means gift-giving. Classical MPR's Associate Music Director Jennifer Allen has a look at some of the year's new holiday albums as you consider gifts for the music lover in your life (maybe even for yourself). (12/12/2014)
Classical MPR's assistant music director takes a musical trip around America, led by Spring for Music orchestras (05/05/2011)