Michael Olson Feature Archive

Outfitter and guide Jason Zabokrtsky has emerged from two weeks in the wilderness after bushwhacking his way from the depths of Quetico Provincial Park, through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and into Ely, Minn. (10/25/2013)
Most of the state is now at or near peak fall color. (10/10/2013)
While the anti-aging "cures" being marketed these days are largely snake oil, in the laboratory scientists have managed to extend the lives of laboratory animals. That's good news if you're a lab rat, but at present there are no treatments that delay aging in people. Would you use that treatment if you could. (10/09/2013)
As members of Congress decide whether to support President Obama's request for authorization to attack the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons on civilians and rebels, other potential responses have received less attention. What do you think of them? (09/06/2013)
Critics of pedal pubs seized upon yesterday's pedal pub crash in Minneapolis to vent their frustrations over the bikes. (08/16/2013)
Minnesota's bike culture is a big reason why the state is on top of any bicycling list that matters. (08/09/2013)
"At least three people in two states have beaten astronomical odds to become the nation's latest Powerball millionaires," writes Associated Press reporter Barbara Rodriguez. One of the tickets was sold in Minnesota (08/08/2013)
Park Tool, a bike shop in St. Paul's Hazel Park, is the largest maker of bike tools in the world. Maybe more impressive: Most of the 300-plus parts the company makes now are manufactured here. (08/06/2013)
RNC chairman Reince Priebus called a planned NBC miniseries on Clinton and a CNN documentary on the first lady an "extended commercial" for a future Clinton presidential campaign. (08/06/2013)
Hudson, Wisconsin isn't your average Twin Cities suburb. Sure, it has many of the same chain stores and restaurants as most other suburbs in the region. (07/11/2013)
We asked you to share your Fourth of July fireworks photos on Twitter and Instagram. Here are some of our favorites. (07/05/2013)
Before the fireworks take to the sky, Minnesotans will celebrate Independence Day in a myriad of ways and locations. Here are a few suggestions. (07/04/2013)
Before Surly Brewing opens its $20 million "destination brewery" in Minneapolis it will open a taproom in the brewery's current Brooklyn Center location. (06/14/2013)
The Portland to Portland bicyclists stopped in Minneapolis last week and discussed the city's support structure for the biking community. (06/04/2013)
A group of 16 British cyclists started in April on a bike ride that stretches a total of 4,347 miles, from Portland, Oregon to Portland Place, London. (05/31/2013)