Alex Friedrich Feature Archive

Students who take college classes while in still in high school often suffer from misconceptions that could hamper attempts to shave time off their college degrees, Minnesota education officials say. (07/31/2013)
Increased diversity is a growing topic in business schools, says Bill Woodson, assistant dean of the University of St. Thomas' Opus College of Business. (07/29/2013)
Joe Opatz, Ph.D., who is currently serving in his sixth year as the president of Normandale Community College, has announced his intention to retire. (07/19/2013)
University of Minnesota Athletic Director says his $190 million sports construction plan is smart, and not extravagant. (07/15/2013)
University of Minnesota athletes' classroom performance is better than ever, Athletic Director Norwood Teague told the regents. (07/11/2013)
University of Minnesota Athletic Director Norwood Teague has released a $190 million sports facilities plan he says will "change the future of Gopher athletics." (07/10/2013)
Despite all the talk about tuition and financial aid, the debt levels of graduates from the various public and non-profit four-year colleges and universities don't seem all that far apart in Minnesota. (07/10/2013)
A report compares the efficiency of the University of Minnesota's administration to that of more than half a dozen similar universities. It appears to be in the middle of the pack. (06/14/2013)
Student representatives for the state's colleges and universities have been pushing for cheaper alternatives to textbooks, and they're hoping they'll gain some ground now that they have backing from the state Legislature. (06/12/2013)
Here are snippets that jumped out at me from six commencement ceremonies at Minnesota private colleges. Most are humorous, but a couple offer interesting insights. (06/11/2013)
On Saturday the University of Minnesota - Rochester will graduate its first crop of students. It's a milestone for the city, which has long sought to establish a school offering four-year and advanced degrees. (05/18/2013)
When the first graduates of the University of Minnesota-Rochester receive their diplomas Saturday, they'll leave a campus that's still figuring things out. (05/16/2013)
Students at for-profit colleges in Minnesota are as likely to be employed one year after graduation as students from two-year public colleges, according to a report from the state Office of Higher Education. (05/03/2013)
The Minnesota Senate has passed a bill that extends in-state public college tuition rates to children of people who are not in the country legally. (05/01/2013)
The Minnesota House passed a higher education bill that drew bipartisan praise for its tough-minded approach to tuition and administrative spending. (04/25/2013)