Alex Friedrich Feature Archive

The items come from the donated collection of the late Minnesota businessman Allyn K. Ford. Most are letters and documents related to the Revolutionary War period. (04/17/2012)
Police and firefighters called upon a half-dozen semi drivers Monday morning to help save a man from jumping off a bridge onto Interstate 94 near downtown Minneapolis. (04/16/2012)
A team of Mayo Clinic physiologists is traveling to Mount Everest Monday to monitor a group of climbers. (04/16/2012)
The Governor's Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying is holding its second meeting Monday. (04/16/2012)
State officials are urging families to make sure they have a plan if severe weather happens. (04/16/2012)
The University of Minnesota administration and the group trying to form a graduate-assistant union each claim the other acted unfairly during the unionization campaign. Now unionization supporters are claiming that the U has been trying to silence talk of a union on campus and have filed a charge of unfair election practices. (04/12/2012)
Gov. Mark Dayton and U.S. Sen. Al Franken said today that the federal government should boost financial aid for college students to make college more affordable. (04/09/2012)
A Tom Devine will replace former legislator Steve Sviggum as University of Minnesota regent. (04/04/2012)
A joint legislative committee on higher education has failed to recommend a candidate to replace former University of Minnesota regent Steve Sviggum. (04/04/2012)
Transitioning to a year-round academic calendar could add millions of dollars to the University of Minnesota's bottom line. (04/03/2012)
Three people are expected to be nominated tomorrow evening at the Minnesota joint House-Senate hearing to recommend a replacement for former regent Steve Sviggum. (04/02/2012)
Results released Monday show University of Minnesota graduate assistants have voted down an attempt to unionize over pay and working conditions. (03/26/2012)
University of Minnesota graduate assistants are wrapping up week-long voting on whether to unionize. The students cast their votes today. The results could come as soon as Monday. (03/23/2012)
Some state senators want to add high school sophomores to the list of students who can attend vocational and technical courses at local colleges. (03/19/2012)
During tough economic times, spending limited money on building and modernizing facilities or repairing to maintain current facilities is an opportunity cost that is being weighed by students, college officials and state lawmakers. (03/14/2012)