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McCollum's efforts come after complaints by Bethel University and other schools that the federal formula that determines schools' health is deeply flawed. (04/20/2014)
Too often, students say, they take classes at one campus only to find later that their new campus won't grant them the academic credit they expected -- forcing them to retake those classes at the new school. (04/14/2014)
University of Minnesota leaders are warning students they'll have no tolerance for bad behavior Saturday night after the Gopher men's hockey Frozen Four championship game against Union College. (04/11/2014)
Over the past two years, state officials have rolled out proposals to strengthen Minnesota's vocational-technical network and improve the school pipeline to the workplace. Their efforts represent what some education leaders call a fundamental shift in how government and business are approaching vocational education. (04/02/2014)
The deal was reached after seven hours of talks on Monday night, the union said Tuesday morning. (04/01/2014)
A federal decision to allow Northwestern University football players to unionize will have little immediate impact on major universities like the University of Minnesota, but it could portend big changes down the road. (03/27/2014)
The measure would require schools to provide details on deaths, accidents and illnesses of students participating in sanctioned study-abroad programs. (03/21/2014)
Backers of the bill say high schools can tell students they can save money by earning college credit in courses they take on nearby campuses. But they say many of the schools don't. (03/16/2014)
Several hundred friends, family, and community members gathered at a funeral Saturday to remember five children who died in a Minneapolis house fire on Feb. 14. (03/01/2014)
The surge is part of a national movement that faculty say is caused by more federal funding, more sophisticated faculty and a growing realization that students need hands-on science education earlier in college. (02/27/2014)
The University of Minnesota-Duluth will cut up to $1.1 million in programs and services this spring in an initial round of budget reductions to help close a deficit of about $9.4 million over five years. (02/25/2014)
Alcohol sales at University of Minnesota stadiums could continue after a report came out showing the sales haven't caused an increase in police calls on game days. (02/09/2014)
Scholastica's vice president for strategic initiatives, Don Wortham, says the Duluth-based school has opened its first out-of-state site at a higher-education center in a suburb of Phoenix. (02/08/2014)
The move, a pilot project that started today, comes after a last semester's spike in robberies -- one of which occurred in the Carlson School of Management. (02/03/2014)
Last month after a spike in robberies -- which involved suspects described as black -- several African-American campus organizations asked the U to stop including references to race in the alerts. (01/30/2014)