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"Work doesn't pay" is a complaint you'll hear from a lot of part-time students in Minnesota. They say the state's financial aid program penalizes them for holding a job while attending school. They're asking lawmakers to reconsider the formula. (02/01/2013)
Recent criticism of administrative hiring at the University of Minnesota is not accurate, university President Eric Kaler told a state Senate higher-education committee Tuesday. (01/15/2013)
Big tuition increases are nothing new to many college students, but Bloomington-based Rasmussen College on Tuesday announced a double-digit cut in its rates. (01/15/2013)
Faculty union reps for Minnesota's seven state universities have reached a tentative contract agreement with MnSCU officials. (01/14/2013)
A group of Iranian students at the University of Minnesota suspects TCF Bank was discriminating against them when it told them it would close their accounts at the end of this month. The move comes amid tightened U.S. sanctions against Iran. But the students say they have not violated any financial restrictions. (01/08/2013)
DFL leaders say they'd like to make more higher education funding a priority when the legislative session starts next week. But public colleges and universities may have to work harder to get that money. (12/31/2012)
State education leaders want to make sure high school students know before they graduate whether they are fully prepared for college. (12/26/2012)
Donations to private Minnesota colleges have rebounded from the recession, according to the organization that represents many of them. (12/24/2012)
If there's one thing Minnesota employers have told state educators they want in today's graduates, it's this: The ability to start working quickly. But they say they can't find enough workers who have the skills to do so. Leaders at MnSCU are asking for additional money in their next budget to better prepare students for the world of work. (11/15/2012)
President Barack Obama won Minnesota and its 10 electoral votes on his way to re-election to a second term. (11/06/2012)
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has won a second term with a sound victory over her Republican challenger, Kurt Bills. Klobuchar was declared the winner shortly after the polls closed at 8 p.m. Bills called her to concede the race,a staffer for Klobuchar said. (11/06/2012)
Former U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, a Democrat, has defeated Republican U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack in the 8th District race. Cravaack conceded the race a short time ago. (11/06/2012)
Online education isn't new. But it could soon begin to replace the traditional classroom setting for many. A 20-year-old law that requires state regulation of the courses, even though they're free and carry no credit, could come under review from legislators. (10/29/2012)
A Shattuck-St. Mary's dorm director who killed himself in 2008 had sexual contact for two years with a female foreign student while he and his wife were having marital problems, according to public safety documents. (10/12/2012)
The premise: Civilization is decimated and only one seat remains on a life raft for the survivors who will rebuild society. Academic disciplines vie for the seat, arguing their worth as an indispensible area of study that the new civilization will need to flourish. It's a fun exercise that reflects a larger discussion: What is the value of college, especially a liberal-arts education? (10/10/2012)