Dave Peters Feature Archive

Wireless keeps getting better as an answer to rural areas' high-speed Internet needs. But some people worry that even as it solves some problems it could relegate areas to second -class service. (03/27/2012)
First it went up but lately it's gone down. The data on entrepreneurship: 5 ways to look at Minnesota's entrepreneurial culture (02/29/2012)
Leaders from Minnesota's cities, counties and school districts have banded together to plead for more flexibility from the state to let them try new ways of delivering local services. (01/23/2012)
If you just opened your truth-in-taxation notice and are stunned to see how little your house is apparently worth, take a deep breath. What may have plunged is your "taxable market value," which is not the same as what your house might fetch on the market. (11/22/2011)
Will the budget agreement the Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton reached last summer leave Minnesota's property taxes higher next year? In a word, yes. But a caution: This is Minnesota, and when you talk property taxes, things get complicated. (11/11/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton has named Margaret Anderson Kelliher, former Minnesota House Speaker and 2010 candidate for governor, to lead a new task force aimed at expanding the use of broadband in Minnesota. (11/07/2011)
The numbers for St. Paul are among the first available as the property tax season cranks up. (10/06/2011)
MPR News' Ground Level project looks at Minnesota's water pollution challenges and how some residents are tackling them, river by river and lake by lake. (09/13/2011)
One way to further develop broadband Internet infrastructure in Minnesota is to allow broadband projects to be included in state bonding requests, said Rick King, chief technology officer for Thomson Reuters. (08/29/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton says he's re-creating a broadband task force for Minnesota. He wants it to report on the state's needs by the end of the year but, more importantly, come up with a set of recommendations for improvement a month later. (08/26/2011)
Minnesota Public Radio's Ground Level blog is looking for your ideas about improving health care in rural Minnesota. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and other providers from around the state have contributed insights about the special challenges they face providing care in rural areas. (08/25/2011)
When Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders struck a budget deal last month, lots of attention was paid to the $200 million cut to Local Government Aid, what the state had promised cities to help with their local budgets. Another change got less attention. But the elimination of the Market Value Homestead Credit could have an even bigger impact on your property taxes. (08/15/2011)
Rural areas long have had difficulty maintaining hospitals and attracting doctors, but political, economic and demographic changes are adding to the burden. (06/20/2011)
Service trips in the wilderness give people an opportunity to see land they otherwise wouldn't, and to become part of a constituency of quiet. (06/03/2011)
The greatest portion of those unconnected to the Internet say the reason is they aren't interested and see no need. Dozens of people from around Minnesota who are trying to change that notion gathered in St. Cloud on Wednesday. (04/28/2011)