Emily Reese Feature Archive

Clara Schumann got a lot of birthday attention, thanks to the Google Doodle for Sept. 13; here's a closer look at her history -- and that of another composer who shares the birthday, Arnold Schonberg. (09/13/2012)
The sounds created by Claude Debussy can be quickly recognized, but he was a versatile composer who wrote in many different genres. This podcast introduces you to some of his instrumental works. (08/21/2012)
A review of some of the best music from Jeremy Soule's soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Top Score from Classical Minnesota Public Radio. (08/08/2012)
Our Learning to Listen series takes a closer look at classical music, aiming to help you understand what you're hearing on Classical MPR. This lesson is about the minuet. (06/29/2012)
On Classical Minnesota Public Radio, we play music from the medieval to the modern. Our Learning to Listen series aims to help you understand what you are hearing, and when it might have been written. (06/27/2012)
Bach wrote his six Brandenburg Concertos for the Margrave of Brandenburg, Christian Ludwig, possibly hoping to secure employment in the margrave's court. Lacking the necessary virtuosic players, the margrave never heard the concertos, and the manuscripts weren't published until 1850, one-hundred years after Bach's death. (06/16/2012)
Darren Korb created what he calls "acoustic frontier trip-hop" as the soundscape for the game Bastion. Hear Darren and his music on Top Score from Classical MPR. (06/08/2012)
Austin Wintory teamed up with thatgamecompany and Jenova Chen to create a terrific score for the game "Journey" (05/23/2012)
Three of the composers from Mass Effect 3 join Emily Reese for a conversation about their music on the newest episode of Top Score from Classical MPR. (05/08/2012)
Two of my favorite things coincide on the new episode of Top Score: composer Richard Jacques, and LittleBigPlanet. (04/10/2012)
Composer Ron Fish joins Top Score to talk about his music for Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Asylum, the God of War series and Sega Japan's Rise of Nightmares. (03/09/2012)
Mozart's Don Giovanni is live from the Metropolitan Opera Saturday, March 10. Hear it on Classical MPR at 11:00 am CT. (03/07/2012)
Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6th, and Top Score has a preview of two new tracks, and a review of the music from the Mass Effect universe. (02/23/2012)
Composer Jesper Kyd visited MPR headquarters in November for Top Score's first live event. Check out the audio and video from the night! (01/31/2012)
Continuing with our New Year's resolution playlists, Host Emily Reese compiled a list to get kids up and moving to Classical Music. (01/24/2012)