Suzanne Pekow

Assistant Producer, American RadioWorks
Minnesota Public Radio
(651) 290-1190

Suzanne Pekow has worked with every daily news program on MPR, including Midmorning, Midday, All Things Considered, and Morning Edition. She's assisted with the national programs the Marketplace Tech Repot, American RadioWorks, and Word for Word. Suzanne has produced live events for Minnesota Public Radio and enjoys producing reported features for air. Her work has appeared on American RadioWorks' Eppy-winning web site; Thrive NYC; NYU's Pavement Pieces, and other publications. Suzanne has a master's degree in journalism from NYU. She is also a proud graduate of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she received a bachelor's degree in choral music education in 2003.

Suzanne Pekow Feature Archive

Women's suffrage parade
For most of us voting is integral to being a citizen, whether we exercise that right or not. The importance of having the vote is perhaps most evident to those who don't have it. (08/18/2010)
Every year about this time, some Minnesotans start to dream about warmer climates. But others are determined to find a way to enjoy winter, because it can last a very long time. (02/10/2010)