Jennifer Vogel Feature Archive

Until yesterday, 58-year-old Fred Rusch, above, Rusch worked the pulp end of paper machine number two at the Boise plant in International Falls, which will close Monday. His eyes were moist as co-workers approached carrying fat slices of cake, some putting their hands on his shoulder and wishing him well. (09/27/2013)
Looking to save on energy bills or trying to cut greenhouse gas emissions, small cities across Minnesota are installing green-energy projects. (09/10/2013)
In an era of scarce public dollars and ever-more cantankerous budget debates, rural areas have become targets for sharp rhetoric and program cuts. (08/21/2013)
How small communities around the state remake old buildings is the focus of our latest Ground Level project, Reviving Minnesota Relics. Today we look at the the Randall creamery. (07/18/2013)
The Buckman Hotel was built by Pennsylvania-born farmer and former Minnesota state legislator and Congressman Clarence Buckman, who wanted someplace nice to stay when he was in Little Falls. It was known as the city's first class hotel. But it didn't stay that way. (07/17/2013)
This former mercantile building on the edge of the Minnesota River was slated to be torn down before a group of locals convinced the city of Granite Falls to spend the demolition money on rehabbing it instead. The renovation was extensive and included raising the main floor to avoid occasional flooding. (07/16/2013)
Like communities all over Minnesota, Sandstone is trying to find new uses for an iconic old building that once expressed its identify. Can imagination and money outrace the bulldozer? (07/05/2013)
After years of trying to save an old elementary school, the residents of Morris gave up and called in the bulldozer. (07/05/2013)
Experiencing an art renaissance, Fergus Falls is a successful example of how some Minnesota cities are turning iconic old buildings into centers for the arts. (07/05/2013)
It's harder to find allies for rural healthcare in a polarized Congress in Washington, a rural health policy official told attendees of the Minnesota Rural Health Conference here this morning. (06/25/2013)
Reporter Jennifer Vogel steps in for the vacationing arts reporter Euan Kerr and compares notes with the Movie Maven about "Iron Man 3" and "The Reluctant Fundamentalist." (05/03/2013)
A school in Arlington, Minn., is leading the way to show how institutions might extend the season for local food -- by freezing it. But the labor is intensive and financial savings are uncertain. (04/12/2013)
This year, there are more CSAs here than ever before, 100 compared to just eight in 2004 and 42 in 2009, according to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, (04/02/2013)
Minnesota's growing Latino population has been around long enough to put down roots, grow businesses and go through school, sometimes for generations. (12/14/2012)
Jaime Villalaz and Lyle Danielson didn't know each other until they started working on a community garden that is helping Long Prairie Latino residents build a farmers cooperative and bridging a town racial gap. (12/12/2012)