Mark Seeley Feature Archive

There's a chance for showers and more severe thunderstorms today and tomorrow, but then get ready for the heat. Some places in the state are expected to have temperatures in the 90s F and Heat Index Values well over 100 degrees F on Sunday and Monday. (07/15/2011)
With a warm stretch settling in, flooding throughout the state continues to be a top concern. But just how bad will it get? MPR's Phil Picardi spoke with meteorologist Mark Seeley about what we can expect for the week ahead. (03/18/2011)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with climatologist Mark Seeley about warming temperatures on the horizon and what that means for flooding threats. (03/11/2011)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with climatologist Mark Seeley about February weather trends and the spring flooding outlook. (02/18/2011)
The State Climate Office has announced that 2010 was Minnesota's wettest year on record. Every part of the state reported at least 34 inches of precipitation last year. (02/11/2011)
With the storm front that ripped through the Midwest this week, some places in the state saw their snowfall rise to over 70 inches for the season. Cathy Wurzer spoke with MPR's Mark Seeley about this week's weather and the continuing cold we can expect in the week ahead. (02/04/2011)
With an already deep snow cover across most of the state and much more winter still ahead of us, many Minnesota watersheds will be at risk for major flooding come spring. Cathy Wurzer spoke with MPR's Mark Seeley about flooding outlooks and what we can expect for this coming week in weather. (01/28/2011)
This January has been unusually snowy in Minnesota, with some parts of the state seeing 17 inches this month alone. Cathy Wurzer speaks with MPR climatologist Mark Seeley about the consequences of so much snow and when we can expect this cold snap to break. (01/21/2011)
Cathy Wurzer speaks with climatologist Mark Seeley about January's cold snap and what kind of weather to expect for the weekend. (01/14/2011)
Is the weather for this Christmas weekend anywhere near average for Minnesota? University of Minnesota meteorologist and climatologist Mark Seeley describes the weather of Christmases past. (12/24/2010)
Climatologist Mark Seeley says he expects a speedy end to the humid weather. (08/13/2010)
Cathy Wurzer discusses high dew points with climatologist Mark Seeley. (07/30/2010)
Mark Seeley says La Nina could be causing the weather disturbances we have seen all summer. He says there could be more to come. (07/23/2010)
Mark Seeley examines why July has been so wet in Minnesota, and he forecasts the weather for the weekend ahead. (07/09/2010)
Mark Seeley previews the weekend's weather. (07/02/2010)