Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

Three years after the Legislature ordered a study on how a key pollutant affects wild rice, state officials said more questions remain about whether and how Minnesota water quality standards should change. (03/12/2014)
The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy and Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness last week sent letters to the state Department of Natural Resources and the federal agencies overseeing the study, citing missing data associated with the nearly 2,200-page document. (03/11/2014)
In a notice filed Monday in federal court, EPA officials said they were voluntarily vacating the agency's approval in December 2012 of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's variance for Mesabi Nugget, which produces iron pellets at a plant near Hoyt Lakes. The EPA instead plans to reject the variance, the filing said. (03/11/2014)
A bill sponsored by DFL Senator Foung Hawj will get a hearing in the Senate Environment and Energy Committee on Tuesday. (03/10/2014)
Supporters and opponents of a controversial copper-nickel mining proposal are making one last push to get people to comment on the project's environmental study. (03/09/2014)
Republican delegates on Saturday declined to endorse state Rep. Jenifer Loon, R-Eden Prairie, who was one of four House Republicans who voted in favor of same-sex marriage. (03/08/2014)
The Pontiac was westbound on Highway 14 just west of Sleepy Eye when it lost control on a curve and was hit broadside by a Dodge Ram pickup in the eastbound lanes, the State Patrol said. (03/08/2014)
The Made in Minnesota incentive program helps homeowners and businesses install solar energy systems manufactured in the state. Demand is so high that applications that the state received in January and February will be selected by lottery. (03/07/2014)
A petition signed by 40 beekeepers blames neonicotinoid pesticides for killing honeybees. (03/05/2014)
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources veteran Erika Rivers will take over the DNR's Parks and Trails Division when its current director, Courtland Nelson, retires in April. (03/03/2014)
Even if the MPCA releases its sulfate recommendations soon, the issue is unlikely to be resolved quickly. (02/28/2014)
In the summer, you can find Julie Lane casting for bass. In the winter, Lane parks her "Ice Castle" on a frozen lake in search of panfish. (02/28/2014)
State officials have put off a decision on whether changes are needed to the sulfate standards for wild rice. The agency gave no detailed explanation for canceling the release Thursday. (02/27/2014)
The chemical has been around since the 1960s and more recently has been added to a long list of products -- from deodorant and face cream to toothpaste. University of Minnesota researchers, who have found increasing amounts of triclosan in lakes and rivers, say it can interact with chlorine and sunlight to form harmful dioxins in the environment. (02/25/2014)
An MPR News investigation found the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has dealt with allegations and suspicions of child sexual abuse involving at least 70 clergy members since 1950 -- nearly double the church's official count. (02/19/2014)