Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

Family and friends of the man who was shot and killed during an altercation with two Minneapolis police officers say they want answers about what happened. (05/13/2013)
A bill that would require investor-owned utilities to provide at least 1 percent of their power through solar generation by late 2025 has been approved in the Minnesota Senate. (05/10/2013)
Hennepin County social workers, librarians and others are gathering today to learn more about how young children's brains develop. (05/10/2013)
Legislation that would prohibit frac sand mining within a mile of a trout stream or spring in southeastern Minnesota would prevent at least 10 proposed frac sand mines in the region from being developed, show an MPR News analysis. (05/09/2013)
A common antibiotic used to treat everything from Lyme disease to chlamydia to acne is in short supply, leading the drug's price to skyrocket in Minnesota. (05/08/2013)
This year, zebra mussels might have a harder time escaping the state's new inspectors: three dogs specially trained to sniff out the tiny invasive species. (05/07/2013)
Johnson Controls says its subcontract with an architectural firm to design new schools and remodel others for the St. Louis County school district was not subject to the state's open records law because the agreement wasn't carrying out a government function. (05/06/2013)
The company hired to oversee a major reconstruction project for the St. Louis County Schools will argue today before the Minnesota Supreme Court that certain data involved in the project is not subject to the state's open records law. (05/06/2013)
Residents in Winona County have asked the Minnesota Court of Appeals to reverse a decision that would allow a proposed frac sand mine to move forward without an in-depth environmental review. (05/02/2013)
The state of Minnesota is asking a federal judge to dismiss lawsuits filed by dozens of people whose driver's license information was accessed by a Department of Natural Resources employee. (05/01/2013)
Several silica sand mines close to the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin are near areas where cyclists like to ride and stay in bed-and-breakfasts. Some of the proposed mines in southeastern Minnesota are also located in scenic areas where cycling is popular. (05/01/2013)
Minneapolis is often held up as an example of a bicycle-friendly city that is taking steps to improve safety. Advocates for the community met with government representatives to identify innovative ideas for further improving safety. (04/30/2013)
When U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood picked Minnesota to host one of two bicycle safety summits, he held the state up as a model of how a place can increase the number of bikes on the road without increasing deaths. (04/29/2013)
A group of representatives from industry, environmental groups and government agencies that worked for a year to come up with ways to reduce air pollution in Minnesota is announcing 24 recommendations to help the state avoid federal air pollution penalties. (04/25/2013)
A new report from the American Lung Association shows some improvements in air quality in Minnesota's cities, but Ramsey County had poor grades for fine particle pollution for the third year in a row. (04/24/2013)