Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

Xcel Energy plans to revamp a rewards program for customers who have solar panels on their roofs. (11/02/2013)
There was consensus that Wisconsin's experience, where many mines have clashed with local communities and in some cases have violated environmental laws, should not be repeated. (10/30/2013)
Washington County has one site where silica sand is being mined. But forum organizers say the oil drilling in North Dakota is expected to continue for decades, and more sand will be needed for the process known as hydraulic fracturing. (10/29/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton has appointed local officials and citizens from outside the seven-county Twin Cities metro area to the commission. They'll work on a master plan and will give the Legislature recommendations on which greater Minnesota parks and trails should receive grant money. (10/28/2013)
A group of Ely residents is working to spread the word about a possible expansion of mining in northeastern Minnesota. (10/25/2013)
The mineral leases are auctioned off periodically to companies interested in discovering minerals like copper, nickel or gold. The DNR held an auction for these leases a year ago, but the state's Executive Council decided not to sign off on them because of a court challenge. (10/25/2013)
The utility says it will come up with a plan to spread out the increase over several years to minimize the impact on customers. (10/24/2013)
The crash remains under investigation, but State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske said officials suspect most of the passengers were not wearing seat belts. (10/24/2013)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the recall affects 383 units of 88 percent lean fresh ground beef sold between Sept. 4 and Sept. 7. (10/23/2013)
Nearly two years after a failure of one of its units led to extensive damage, Xcel Energy's Sherburne County Generating Station is back to normal. (10/21/2013)
A fence held the van long enough for him to escape and for a tow truck to pull it away from the fence, clearing up a traffic jam on eastbound I-94 in downtown St. Paul, said police spokesman Sgt. Paul Paulos. (10/21/2013)
Approximately 25 percent of males and 65 percent of females in Minnesota's prisons utilize ongoing mental health services, according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Why are the percentages so different between the sexes? (The Daily Circuit, 10/21/2013)
The decision by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission means Xcel Energy can go ahead with two projects in southern Minnesota and two in North Dakota. (10/18/2013)
A federal judge could soon decide the fate of Minnesota's six-year-old renewable energy law, which North Dakota officials say is an unconstitutional overreach. (10/17/2013)
Giving by foundations and corporations went up 15 percent from 2010 to 2011, accounting for $1.7 billion in gifts in 2011, the Minnesota Council on Foundations said. Individual donations also increased. (10/15/2013)