Rupa Shenoy Feature Archive

Traffic returned to normal in downtown Stillwater late Saturday afternoon after streets were blocked off for hours as law enforcement investigated a potential bomb threat. (06/08/2013)
The American Indian Movement Interpretive Center will host a talk on Saturday night by Pulitzer Prize nominee Kevin McKiernan. (06/08/2013)
Investigation into an uptown Minneapolis shooting that left one man dead and two police officers wounded has been completed, the Minneapolis Police Department said Friday afternoon. (06/07/2013)
Officials in Hennepin County say they processed at least 38 marriage license applications from same-sex couples on Thursday, the first day the county allowed such applications. In Ramsey County, authorities reported receiving 14 marriage license applications from same-sex couples. (06/06/2013)
Heroin overdose deaths in Hennepin County increased last year despite area law enforcement's focus on the problem. (06/06/2013)
Traffic is flowing normally along Interstate 94 eastbound in Woodbury after law enforcement cleared the scene of a Greyhound bus that pulled over because the driver overheard a passenger talking about a bomb. (06/06/2013)
Tom Emmer, the Republican who narrowly lost the last governor's race to Mark Dayton, kicked off his attempt at a political comeback Wednesday as he joined the 2014 race to succeed Michele Bachmann in Congress. (06/05/2013)
The future of Minnesota's sex offender program may become clearer this summer. The state has long been criticized for its program, which indefinitely holds sex offenders whom judges in county courts think might commit new crimes, even after the offenders have served their sentences. Lawmakers did not change the program during the session that recently ended, and that could mean the federal courts will soon force the state to act. (06/03/2013)
Hundreds marched through downtown Minneapolis Friday evening to protest police actions in the death of Terrance Franklin. (05/31/2013)
A state agency is launching a year-long effort to put a face and a name to numerous sets of unidentified human remains collected in Minnesota over decades. (05/30/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed finding zebra mussels in two lakes in Itasca county. (05/30/2013)
The father of a man killed by Minneapolis police earlier this month says Terrance Franklin was shot in the back of the head. Supporters of the man and his family plan to protest police handling of the case on Friday. (05/30/2013)
Minnesota has long been home to the headquarters of big companies, leading to a flourishing Twin Cities advertising production industry. Companies are demanding a more diverse look to lure consumers, but some modeling and casting companies say they've hit a hurdle that's causing them to lose business: finding Hispanic people to appear in ads. (05/30/2013)
The head of the Minnesota Republican Party says Rep. Michele Bachmann would have won the 2014 election had she decided to seek re-election in the 6th District, but chances are good for any Republican in the area. (05/29/2013)
Officials in Elk River say they found a body that matched the description of a missing 2-year-old girl on Sunday afternoon. (05/26/2013)