Rupa Shenoy Feature Archive

Pine County authorities stopped searching for a snowmobiler they believe broke through ice and was swept down a remote part of the river on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border about 70 miles north of the Twin Cities. (02/18/2013)
A Guinness World Record judge on Saturday named St. Paul the home of the "the largest Lite Brite picture" ever. (02/17/2013)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is launching an effort to warn people about a little-known source of the chemical bisphenol(BPA): paper receipts. (02/17/2013)
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was in Minnesota on Saturday in part to urge passage of the farm bill in Congress. (02/16/2013)
Events around the Twin Cities this weekend aimed to motivate teenagers to address larger societal issues. (02/16/2013)
Minnesota-based Best Buy says its return policy is being shortened by half. However, the company's holiday price-matching promotion is becoming permanent. (02/15/2013)
Hundreds of students got into a brawl at Minneapolis South High School Thursday afternoon, after a food fight spun out of control. Four people suffered minor injuries. (02/14/2013)
St. Paul police have identified the man who was fatally shot by officers Tuesday after he stabbed a police dog. (02/13/2013)
Crisis intervention training is helping prison workers who deal with mentally ill people in crisis. The Minnesota Department of Corrections is providing the voluntary training, recognizing that correctional officers have long been on the front lines in the response to mental illness. (02/11/2013)
A group of Twin Cities janitors and security officers voted Saturday to authorize a strike. (02/09/2013)
Two people died after their car went through a Lake Minnetonka channel on Saturday. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner determined both drowned. (02/03/2013)
Investigators in a death and subsequent fatal chase on Friday in southern Minnesota have identified the two dead as father and son. (02/03/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says there are three new emerald ash borer infestations in the Twin Cities. (02/02/2013)
State lawmakers begin debate on DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's budget this week. Among the many proposals: the governor wants to double state funding for mental health programs in schools. The new money would pay for independent mental health professionals to support existing school programs. (01/28/2013)
A 39-year-old Richfield man faces charges of criminal vehicular operation after driving into the scene of an unrelated crash, where he hit two patrol cars and injured a state trooper. (01/27/2013)