Nathaniel Minor Feature Archive

Former Kansas City Star sports reporter and editor Martin Manley shot himself in front of a police station yesterday morning. His suicide note instructed whoever found him not to contact loved ones -- he had already sent them notes. He also left a whole website explaining his actions. (08/16/2013)
Canterbury Park spokesman Jeff Maday told the StarTribune today that there won't be a Great Bull Run modeled after the famous Spanish event after all because of, you guessed it, liability concerns. (08/15/2013)
T.D. "Tommy" Mischke, the quirky and well-loved radio host, announced on his WCCO-AM show last night that he's leaving the station. (08/02/2013)
Ah, Fargo-Moorhead. The land of great floods, sugarbeets and woodchippers, right? Well, yes. But, as you may or may not know, there's more. (07/25/2013)
A special report takes you inside the state's mental health services for perspectives on what's working what is not. (07/23/2013)
A La Crosse, Wis.-based U.S. Geological Survey research team is traveling across Minnesota and Wisconsin collecting data to learn more about loon migration patterns. (07/15/2013)
Authorities in Forest Lake say a feared kidnapping turned out to be a prank. (07/08/2013)
The Transportation Security Administration is now publishing photos of the firearms, knives and other goodies confiscated in airport security checks. (07/03/2013)
Newly appointed associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court David Lillehaug says he has throat cancer. (05/29/2013)
Public officials in North Dakota and Minnesota say a combination of levees, floodwalls, and a diversion channel is the only way to protect Fargo-Moorhead from a 500-year flood. Both cities have constructed levees and floodwalls, but the estimated $1.8 billion diversion project needs Congressional approval. When approved and funded, construction would take about 10 years. Below is a proposed route of the diversion. (05/09/2013)
Residents of Fargo-Moorhead are cleaning up sandbags and removing temporary levees after the Red River's crest last week. As it turned out, most of that preparation wasn't needed for this year's flood. Both cities are now turning their attention back to building permanent levees and flood walls. (05/07/2013)
Even though the 2013 Red River flood is not as severe as the National Weather Service initially forecasted, it still made for dramatic images. (04/30/2013)
A map stereotyping neighborhoods in Minneapolis was inspired by the work of Trent Gillaspie, a Denver-based comedian. (04/29/2013)
Residents in Fargo and Moorhead are building dikes to protect against a possible record flood. But the late spring melt is reducing the flood risk, say forecasters at the National Weather Service. (04/23/2013)
The city of Fargo closed roads near the Red River Monday and began building temporary levees to prepare for spring flooding. (04/22/2013)