Madeleine Baran Feature Archive

Funeral services are being held this evening for Ronald Edberg, one of five people killed by a fired employee at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis last week. (10/02/2012)
Several northern Minnesota communities are threatened by wildfires driven by strong winds today. (10/02/2012)
Andrew Engeldinger, the man who opened fire on his former co-workers at a Minneapolis company last week, was arrested in 1997 for leading a police officer on a high-speed chase. (10/01/2012)
A newly released timeline shows that two employees at Accent Signage Systems fought for their lives and tried to grab a gun from former co-worker Andrew Engeldinger. (10/01/2012)
Human services officials are working quickly to find a replacement for a Duluth methadone clinic that provides treatment for about 400 patients. (09/25/2012)
The state is revoking the license of a Duluth methadone clinic due to serious and chronic licensing violations, according to an order issued Monday. (09/24/2012)
As questions about the St. Paul police crime lab spread to fingerprint evidence, top defense attorneys say the lab needs to shut down entirely until it can prove that its work is reliable. (09/20/2012)
The St. Paul police crime lab's drug testing has been shut down, and an independent review is being conducted regarding problems at the lab. MPR News' Madeleine Baran walks us through the lab and the questions that remain. (09/20/2012)
Ira Glass, the host of public radio's "This American Life," will be at the newly renovated Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis this weekend for screenings of "Sleepwalk With Me," a new comedy he co-wrote and co-produced with comedian Mike Birbiglia. (09/14/2012)
With recent polls showing that the economy is one of the biggest issues in the upcoming election, MPR News reached out to contacts in our Public Insight Network to find out how the economy is affecting them. (09/13/2012)
Four people killed and a fifth was injured in a collision between a pickup truck and semi in eastern Minnesota, sheriff's officials say. (09/13/2012)
A former supervisor at the state crime lab testified in court Friday that the St. Paul Police Department crime lab's equipment is not properly ventilated and may have spewed illegal drugs and chemical solvents into the air inside the crime lab. (09/07/2012)
The city of St. Paul will pay two out-of-state companies about $140,800 to evaluate and reform operations at the troubled St. Paul Police Department crime lab, and train employees. (09/07/2012)
One of the St. Paul police officers placed on administrative leave after the violent arrest of a man last week had been suspended by the St. Paul Police Department in 2010 for excessive force. (09/05/2012)
A second St. Paul police officer has been placed on administrative leave in connection with a police investigation of a video that appears to show one officer kicking a man and two officers slamming his head against a police car. (08/31/2012)