Madeleine Baran Feature Archive

A group of sheriffs and court officials is calling for changes to the state's mental health and criminal justice systems that they say will help reduce gun violence. (01/23/2013)
As the cold snap continues, advocates for the homeless say they are worried about the safety of people living without shelter in Greater Minnesota. (01/22/2013)
Public defenders have launched a huge effort to review and potentially challenge thousands of drug convictions that relied on evidence from the troubled St. Paul police crime lab. (01/18/2013)
Four students at Washburn High School are facing scrutiny for hanging a dark-skinned baby doll by its neck with a piece of string, according to a statement released Thursday by the school district. (01/17/2013)
Nearly 700 pages of internal St. Paul Police Department emails offer more evidence that top officials knew about problems with the crime lab's drug testing unit months before it was shut down. (01/17/2013)
President Barack Obama intends to nominate B. Todd Jones, Minnesota's U.S. Attorney, as director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (01/16/2013)
The city of St. Paul is looking for a new manager to run the troubled St. Paul police crime lab. (01/14/2013)
State regulators who investigated the Minnesota Security Hospital after a patient stabbed his mother while on a pass in May said there is no indication the facility mishandled the incident. (01/10/2013)
Police have asked Minneapolis prosecutors to review allegations of police brutality against two officers seen on video arresting a suspect in AuguSt. Paul police have asked Minneapolis prosecutors to review allegations of police brutality against two officers seen on video arresting a suspect in (01/07/2013)
When a law enforcement officer in Minnesota is shot and killed, it rarely takes more than a day for investigators to find the killer. Often it takes only a few hours, or the suspect is killed at the scene. The killing of Cold Spring Police Officer Thomas Decker is the first fatal shooting of a Minnesota law enforcement officer since 1970 that was not solved within a few days, an MPR News analysis has found. (12/20/2012)
The Stearns County Sheriff's Office has released transcripts of two 911 calls placed on the night Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker was killed. The transcripts provide a brief firsthand account of the shooting scene. (12/18/2012)
The FBI is in Cold Spring Monday searching the Sauk River for evidence in the killing of Cold Spring Police Ofc. Tom Decker. (12/17/2012)
A state-run program for mentally ill patients, faced with overwhelming demand, moved several patients into a medical treatment area last week in a last-ditch effort to avoid legal action, according to internal emails obtained by MPR News. (12/14/2012)
Nearly two weeks ago, Officer Tom Decker was shot and killed in the central Minnesota town of Cold Spring. Police investigators don't have a suspect in custody. And they're still searching for the murder weapon. (12/11/2012)
Court documents show a Minnesota man accused of fatally shooting two teenagers has a surveillance system that recorded video of the cousins as they broke into his home Thanksgiving Day. (12/10/2012)