Jim McGuinn Feature Archive

Not only is it a better album than what Young put out at the time, it's mix of rock and country with killer tunes and musicianship stands proud with the other great live albums of his career. (07/03/2011)
"Circuital" takes elements of the "classic" My Morning Jacket sound that was honed on 2003's "It Still Moves" and morphs it into something new, as James sounds wiser for his musical and life travels. (05/30/2011)
What The Roots and John Legend have created on "Wake Up" is an inspired and compelling album that meshes their talents seamlessly, and raises their respective games to new heights. (09/21/2010)
Is it just me, or does the release of Arcade Fire's third full length album "The Suburbs" feel like the biggest moment in indie rock since Radiohead dropped "OK Computer" on us back in 1997? (08/02/2010)
Jim McGuinn, program director for 89.3 The Current, was invited recently to visit Prince at his Paisley Park studio complex in Chanhassen. He recalls his meeting with the man behind the music, and reviews Prince's newest album, 20TEN. (07/24/2010)
Prince's new album is called 20TEN and it comes on the heels of his triple album last year. (07/23/2010)
"Isn't the sky beautiful tonight?" asked Prince as he welcomed me warmly into his Paisley Park studio complex in Chanhassen on a warm May evening. (07/22/2010)
Quasi seem to be one of those bands that you've always heard but can't quite place. (04/15/2010)
Yo La Tengo, which formed in 1984 and has consisted of the same line-up since 1992, stopped by The Current studios in support of their new release, "Popular Songs." (10/07/2009)
Minneapolis' Dan Wilson is experimenting with touring "staycation" style. He's playing a string of dates in the Twin Cities under the philosophy of "low milage, small rooms, one guy." (09/22/2009)
"Blood of Man" is Mason Jennings' eighth release, but a shift from what we've come to expect from him. He's daring to rock like never before. (09/14/2009)
Brooklyn's Obits debuted about a year and a half ago. While the band hasn't been around that long, the members are seasoned veterans of the punk scene. (07/27/2009)
Covering the first 10 years of Young's career from 1963 to 1972, "Archives Vol. 1" (the first of 5 decade-spanning box sets Young hopes to release) is chock full of rarities, out takes, and some of the most varied output from one of rock's most enduring and beguiling artists. (06/02/2009)
While it's doubtful that this far into his career Morrissey is going to win over oogles of new converts, if you've been there in the past, you're probably gonna like "Years of Refusal" -- one of Morrissey's best solo outings to date. (02/16/2009)