Jim McGuinn Feature Archive

Earlier this morning, Steve and Jill included Aerosmith's supercharged version of "Train Kept A-Rollin'" in their "Rolling" themed Coffee Break. Hearing the '70s proto-metal high energy performance made me think back on how songs morph and change while being passed along like a hot potato from musician to musician. (02/19/2013)
Like previous editions, <em>Minnesota Beatle Project Volume 4</em> is another collection of inspired versions of the Fab Four's material, applied by musicians from all over the sonic spectrum. (12/03/2012)
With a mix of frantic covers and embryonic originals, this found video is a great glimpse into the very beginnings of one of our favorite bands. (11/30/2012)
Program Director Jim McGuinn dives into The Velvet Underground's legendary debut timed with the 45th anniversary deluxe edition reissue. (11/13/2012)
Michael Kiwanuka is not a household name... yet. If you haven't heard of him, consider this your final warning: ignore him at your own risk. (09/28/2012)
The worldwide touring behind "Sigh No More" informs songs on the new record that approach the epic scope of the Arcade Fire while still remaining striking in their intimacy. (09/21/2012)
In 2012, the artist that is reminding us of what made early rock and roll great is JD McPherson. A former school teacher and punk rocker from Oklahoma, McPherson found his voice when he abandoned punk for the sound of 1958, recording "Signs and Signifiers" in glorious analog. (06/24/2012)
On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, Jack White premiered the video for 'I'm Shakin'.' Learn about the history of the song -- and the original artist behind it from The Current's program director Jim McGuinn. (05/03/2012)
Now back with Volume 3 of the series, it's amazing to hear the stylistic diversity and quality of the artists of our community who covered songs of The Beatles this time, as well as the selections from the Beatles' seemingly never-ending well of great songs. (12/05/2011)
Listening to The Wombats makes one wistful for a little courage or the foolish ambition to tour the world with your mates and think you could actually get away with it, which The Wombats do throughout "This Modern Glitch." (08/14/2011)
Not only is it a better album than what Young put out at the time, it's mix of rock and country with killer tunes and musicianship stands proud with the other great live albums of his career. (07/03/2011)
"Circuital" takes elements of the "classic" My Morning Jacket sound that was honed on 2003's "It Still Moves" and morphs it into something new, as James sounds wiser for his musical and life travels. (05/30/2011)
What The Roots and John Legend have created on "Wake Up" is an inspired and compelling album that meshes their talents seamlessly, and raises their respective games to new heights. (09/21/2010)
Is it just me, or does the release of Arcade Fire's third full length album "The Suburbs" feel like the biggest moment in indie rock since Radiohead dropped "OK Computer" on us back in 1997? (08/02/2010)
Jim McGuinn, program director for 89.3 The Current, was invited recently to visit Prince at his Paisley Park studio complex in Chanhassen. He recalls his meeting with the man behind the music, and reviews Prince's newest album, 20TEN. (07/24/2010)