Than Tibbetts Feature Archive

Two of Minnesota's three largest school districts will spend a lot of time in coming months looking for new leadership. Each district will try to find the best person, but they'll also have to figure out what to pay and how that compensation will be structured. (09/16/2009)
In a speech at times reminiscent of his recent address to Congress, President Obama urged a Minneapolis crowd Saturday to "get fired up" in the battle for health care reform. (09/12/2009)
Federal regulators have shut down Brickwell Community Bank in Woodbury. Brickwell's branch will re-open today as offices of CorTrust Bank. (09/12/2009)
Schools in the Fargo-Moorhead area were briefly sent into lockdown mode after multiple funnel clouds were reported in the sky over the area Friday afternoon. (09/11/2009)
Multiple tornadoes have been reported Wednesday afternoon across the Twin Cities area. A tornado was reported in downtown Minneapolis and a second touchdown was reported in Cottage Grove. (08/19/2009)
View an interactive timeline of Tim Pawlenty's life and political career. (06/02/2009)
An audio slideshow shows how the city of Hugo has recovered one year after a deadly tornado. (05/24/2009)
An MPR News analysis shows there have been at least 657 reported animal strikes on civilian aircraft in Minnesota between 2000 and November 2008, according to data released by the FAA. (04/24/2009)
MPR's Job Pain Index provides a gauge of how hard it is to find a job in Minnesota. The higher the number, the more difficult it is to find a job because job seekers are facing less demand, or more competition, or both. (04/17/2009)
Everyone who was on the bridge when it fell qualifies for up to $400,000, although people whose injuries and losses were more severe could get additional money. (04/16/2009)
The BUZ Room at Cedar Park STEM Elementary School is hosting hundreds of animals from the University of Minnesota's Bell Museum. Students are encouraged to interact with the critters and write down their observations. (04/07/2009)
A timeline of Minnesota's U.S. Senate race and the recount challenge between Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman. (04/07/2009)
A map of public school districts in Minnesota. (04/03/2009)
First the floodwaters hit. The water was so deep that more than 120 people had to be rescued by boat. Then a home caught fire and burned to the ground. (03/27/2009)
Minnesota is home to 18 operating ethanol plants. Three more are under construction. (03/26/2009)