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Than Tibbetts joined Minnesota Public Radio News in 2008. He began working with the online news team from the Moorhead bureau, where he helped cover the worst Red River flood on record in Fargo-Moorhead. He moved to the St. Paul newsroom as web producer in 2010.

Than Tibbetts Feature Archive

What does it mean to be a Minnesota writer? It means obsessing over the sound of the Mississippi River. It means writing about small towns. It means you're a refugee who refused to speak as a child. These are some of the many ways writers define their relationship to Minnesota. Host Annie Baxter invites you to hear these writers' reflections and their creative works on "Writing Minnesota." (04/18/2011)
While it's not a perfect measure of political clout, a state's collective Congressional seniority is a big factor determining relative influence in Washington. This interactive graphic charts seniority for all 535 members of the United State Senate and House of Representatives. (01/25/2011)
American Crystal Sugar spends between $1 million and $2 million a year on lobbying the federal government. That's about the same level as Cargill -- a company almost 100 times its size. See how other top Minnesota companies stack up in the lobbying arena. (01/25/2011)
The FBI's files on Paul and Sheila Wellstone, many of which are being made public for the first time after a Freedom of Information Act request by MPR News, shed new light on the extent of the relationship between the FBI and the political activist who would go on to become a U.S. senator from Minnesota. (10/25/2010)
The three DFL candidates for governor held their final debate Sunday night before Tuesday's primary. Listen to the debate, question by question. (08/08/2010)
Storm spotters reported a tornado on the ground shortly before 6 p.m. about 13 miles northeast of Bemidji in rural Beltrami County. (07/22/2010)
A strong line of summer thunderstorms plowed across southern Minnesota Friday night, flooding streets and highways, dropping large hail and knocking out power for thousands. (06/25/2010)
Farmers and scientists in both Canada and the United States are trying to figure out ways to cut the amount of phosphorus that flows north to Lake Winnipeg. The Red River basin drains a large area in Minnesota and North and South Dakota, an area with abundant farming activity. (06/18/2010)
An elementary student in Cook, Minn. was removed from school Tuesday after officials discovered the child had brought a weapon to school. (03/30/2010)
As Minnesota officials search for the answers to the state's energy needs, calls have increased to lift a moratorium on building new nuclear power plants. (03/04/2010)
Minnesota budgets government revenues and spending for two-year (biennial) budget cycles. The November 2009 budget forecast predicts a $5.4 billion gap between revenues and spending in the 2012-2013 budget period. (12/02/2009)
Some commuters will ride the Northstar train to save time on their trip to downtown Minneapolis each day. But will they really get there any faster? MPR News sent two teams to document their trip from Big Lake to Minneapolis this morning to answer that question. (11/16/2009)
Each year, the Minneapolis Police Department pays thousands of dollars to settle lawsuits against the department. (11/02/2009)
The Anoka-Hennepin School Board will close six schools next year in the wake of a budget crunch and lower enrollment. (09/29/2009)
The Minneapolis police officer who was cleared in a wrongful death lawsuit after shooting and killing a Minneapolis man was fired from the department Wednesday. (09/17/2009)