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Today in 1978, to accompany their performance of "Fat Bottomed Girls" during their Madison Square Garden Show, Freddie Mercury and Queen employed numerous semi-nude women bicycling around the stage. So, if you like, you may visualize that as we enjoy the song today. (11/16/2012)
We're feeling generous this morning and want to hear some songs about giving for Give to the Max Day. What songs that mention giving or have the word "give" in their title should we play for today's 9:30 Coffee Break? (11/15/2012)
David Bowie appeared as The Elephant Man on Broadway, Ozzy announced his retirement, and Blondie scored a huge hit with a reggae beat. (11/15/2012)
We're talking about delicious cheese, the kind of music you wish you could hate, but you can't. What songs are deliciously cheesy? We'll play some of your picks for today's 9:30 Coffee Break. (11/14/2012)
Today James Norton spoke to The Morning Show's Jill Riley and Steve Seel about the craft cheese scene in Wisconsin. Who knew that so much creative and delicious cheese varieties were waiting for us just across the state line. (11/14/2012)
How about an infidelity theme for our 9:30 Coffee Break. There are a lot of songs out there on the topic of infidelity so give us your suggestions and we'll pick a couple to play on air. (11/13/2012)
Today John Moe chatted with The Morning Show about the Overly Attched Girlfriend meme and we take a look at Cake Wrecks. (11/13/2012)
Today we're celebrating the birthday of Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes, and enjoying The Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie, which came out today back in 1968. (11/13/2012)
<strong>Today In:</strong> 1965 - Velvet Underground made their live debut when the played at Summit High School, New Jersey, the band were paid $75 for the gig. (11/12/2012)
Bond, James Bond. Thanks to listener Becky, from Mankato, for reminding us that tomorrow the new James Bond film, <em>Skyfall</em> will be released. (11/09/2012)
<strong>Today In:</strong> 1967 - The first issue of Rolling Stone Magazine was published in San Francisco. It featured a photo of John Lennon on the cover, dressed in army fatigues while acting in his recent film, How I Won the War and the first issue had a free roach clip to hold a marijuana joint. (11/09/2012)
<strong>Today In:</strong> 1965 - The Beatles worked on a new George Harrison song "Think For Yourself" at Abbey Road for their forthcoming <em>Rubber Soul</em> album. After rehearsing the song, they recorded the basic instrumental track in one take. (11/08/2012)
The Cars' Ric Ocasek released his first solo album in 1982 and gave it a perplexing title. Is it pronounced "be-AT-ih-tude" - such as in the teachings of Jesus that include such sayings as "blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" - or "BEAT-ih-tude," referencing a literary journal from the '50s that published the work of the "Beat Poets" such as Allen Ginsberg? Ocasek likely enjoyed the ambiguity. We played "Out of Control." (11/02/2012)
Guitarist Robert Fripp ventured far away from his prog-rock roots in the late 70s after moving to New York's Hell's Kitchen, and the post-punk eclecticism shows on his first proper solo album, "Exposure." (10/26/2012)
Give Us a Wink is an album released in March 1976 by the British rock band Sweet. It was their first album to be fully written and produced by the band themselves. We played "Action" which reached the Top 10 in many European countries. (10/25/2012)