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She & Him, the duo of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, is an auspicious match for many reasons. (03/17/2010)
This is a band that plays friendly little pranks on its listeners, as if to shake you out of your minimalist reverie and remind you that it's just rock and roll. (01/15/2010)
Wait for the sun to set. Find a couch, and someone you like to share it with. Put this album from The XX on your CD player, on repeat. All the songs sound the same, so you won't have to worry about changing the music. (08/17/2009)
The slow songs are gorgeous. "Dust or Daylight" is a sexy, syrupy waltz; the refrain of "Love is a fog and you stumble every step you make" wrapped in velvety pedal steel guitar and weepy fiddle. (07/07/2009)
"The Hazards of Love" is a strange concoction brewed from Colin Meloy's obsession with the British folk revival of the 1960s. It's as if the archetypes and themes of those folk songs were sucked up by an F5 twister (Meloy) and dropped into a foreign landscape: the rock opera. (03/24/2009)
Peter Adams knows how to provide affordable health care to musicians and artists - work at a hospital. The Ohio native transports patients by day, but the rest of the time he plays lush, dreamy, orchestral pop reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel, one of his major influences. (11/07/2008)
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