David Campbell Feature Archive

In the vein of Sam Beam (of Iron & Wine) and Alexis Krauss (of Sleigh Bells) John Maus is the latest in a recent slew of teachers that rock. The Austin, MN native teaches Political Philosophy and Theory at the University of Hawaii while working towards a PhD in Political Science. (07/17/2011)
Howler may have been started as a side project by Jordan Gatesmith from Total Babe, but the attention they are receiving is front and center. Howler was recently signed to London based Rough Trade Records home of The Smiths, The Strokes, and Belle and Sebastian. (07/10/2011)
The trio of Jim Blaha, Mike Blaha, and Dave Roper have now been gracing the Twin Cities with their brand of noise rock--with its hints of blues and 60s garage-psych--for the better part of a decade. (07/03/2011)
After conquering the 2010 Picked to Click Poll, playing First Avenue's Best New Band Showcase and claiming the hearts of Twin Cities music fans, Pink Mink is ready to release their debut self-titled album. (07/03/2011)
Dan Israel was the first guest on The Local Show and returned to the Current Studio in support of his 11th full length release, "Crosstown Traveler." Dan stopped by to chat about his lengthy music career and what it takes to be a dad who rocks. (06/26/2011)
The Wisconsin-based band Bon Iver released its second album "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" this week. It's been getting lots of attention from music critics around the country. (06/24/2011)
How does a band like Face Candy bounce back from losing its founder and one of its core members, Michael "Eyedea" Larsen, this past October? By releasing a new album, of course. The jazz/rap/trip-hop/improvisational group's latest release, Waste Age Teen Land, is the last album Eyedea performed on and produced before his untimely death. (06/04/2011)
Tommy Stinson got his start in music as the bass player for legendary garage punkers The Replacements. (05/26/2011)
It's almost impossible to overstate the importance and the influence of The Beastie Boys in the world of hip hop and more importantly, in popular culture over the past quarter century. (05/16/2011)
A former member of dearly departed local band The Glad Version, Adam Svec has been warmly received since he debuted as a solo artist in 2008. Svec is a prolific songwriter, having come out with three albums in as many years. (05/15/2011)
Brute Heart is probably the only Minneapolis band with not one, but two members named Crystal. The three female vocalists lead the pack of Twin Cities avant-garde musicians with haunting (at times, howling) vocals and moody instrumental landscapes. (05/08/2011)
Like many acts these days, the Brian Just Band got their start by accident. Brian and his bandmate Josie invited their friend Rick to play trumpet on their couples' duet, but when he sang the horn part instead, the resulting harmonies inspired them to start a band together. (05/08/2011)
It's a big week for the local music scene. Minneapolis-based hip-hop act Atmosphere, Duluth-based Indie rockers Low, and local songstress Haley Bonar all release new albums this week. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with David Campbell for a preview of their new records. Campbell is the host of the Local Show, Sundays on 89.3 The Current. (04/12/2011)
The album is a fourteen-part essay on some of life's most challenging interpersonal issues, and certainly Atmosphere's most personal and intimate to date. (04/11/2011)
With a gas mask, kick drum, guitar, smoke and lasers, Hastings 3000 is notorious for his extravagant live shows. Hasting is a one-man band. Knowing how to play forty-seven different instruments, Hastings is able to play at least ten at the same time. (01/09/2011)