David Campbell Feature Archive

Spending most of his life between Jacksonville and Seattle, Andy Bothwell's adopted pseudonym of Astronautalis has managed to play shows in the Twin Cities on a consistent basis over the past decade. Through his time in Minnesota, Bothwell befriended many of our most acclaimed local musicians, one of the many reasons he finally decided his move to the state would become a reality. (03/25/2012)
Cursive is a true genre-definer. The Omaha-based band has explored a post-hardcore sound and its fringes since the mid '90s, a precursor to what would become popular in the years to come. Longtime members of Saddle Creek Records (Bright Eyes, Land of Talk), they're back with their seventh release "I Am Gemini," a highly conceptual affair which still manages to pull in new listeners alongside their veteran fans. (03/23/2012)
Chastity Brown has been absent from Minnesota for a little while, but there's a good reason for it. Knoxville born and raised and a Minneapolis transplant, the inspiration for her latest album "Back-Road Highways" largely came with her roots. Tennessee and the South in general have helped shape Brown's newest sound, one which pushes her into new territory, both lyrically and instrumentally. (03/18/2012)
As one of the signature bands of the influential local Moon Glyph record label, Food Pyramid has seen its fanbase grow steadily since the release of their trio of cassette tapes starting in 2010. Gathering a pool of national accolades over the years as a result, this young trio (with a cast of rotating guest musicians) is about to celebrate further with the release of "Mango Sunrise," their first proper full-length. (03/11/2012)
You may know Erik Tasa as a member of The Rockford Mules, a more raucous project compared to the quiet, contemplative tones of his newest solo release "Ballad Of A Winter Beard." (03/04/2012)
Now, Now's new name is the result of a band who wanted to push themselves in a different direction, specifically after a self-imposed hiatus and the addition of Jess Abbott a few years back. (02/19/2012)
Polica stopped by The Current studio to record a session in advance of their debut album "Give You the Ghost." Frontwoman Channy Caselle says "The Maker" is her favorite song on the record. (12/20/2011)
As a recent tradition on The Local Show we invite a local band into the studio to perform a few tunes made famous by The Beatles in honor of the Minnesota Beatle Project. This year we invited The Honeydogs to put their spin on three classic Beatles songs. (12/04/2011)
Taking cues from the post-punk era, local quintet The Rope have planted their dark bass-driven sound in the Twin Cities music scene. Formed in 2010, The Rope could easily be mistaken for a band from the 1980s. (11/27/2011)
tUnE-yArDs is the moniker and musical project of Merrill Garbus. Influenced by her experience and travels in Africa, she became interested in Afrobeat. Combined with her new Sony ICD-TK digital voice recorder and a new laptop, Garbus began recording melodies, noises, and lyrics which led to the release of her first album BiRd-BrAiNs, which she recorded on recycled cassette tape. (11/13/2011)
Major contributors to the roots-based musical hotbed that is the Twin Cities, Pert' Near Sandstone fuels the flame with their high energy old-timey tunes. (11/13/2011)
In terms of cultural anthropology, the Liminal Phase is the transitional threshold between two existential planes in one's life. In terms of the Twins Cities music scene, Liminal Phase is Adam Levy's latest experimental project. Leaving behind traditional song structure and form, Liminal Phase creates instrumental soundscapes blending together jazz, psychedelia and improvised works. (10/29/2011)
Buffalo Moon's sun drenched sounds have moved off of the coast and into the jungle on their sophomore release "Selva Surreal." Appropriately translating into "Surreal Jungle," Buffalo Moon steps away from the breezy and dreamy sound found on their debut "Wetsuit" and dive into a psychedelic forest where laser sounds grow like palm trees. (10/23/2011)
Named the Citypages Best Jazz Artist of 2011, Atlantis Quartet have garnered the attention of jazz fans and critics alike, fitting right into the sweet spot where complexity and accessibility meet. (10/16/2011)
What started as a demo project for Andrew Jansen turned into a full band named after the content of the songs he was writing about, Crimes. The original demos, with all parts performed by Anderew, were about a seedy action, jealousy, or crime. The songs were posted online and paired with links to Minneapolis Crime Statistic. (10/16/2011)