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Six months after Minnesotans rejected a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage, the Minnesota House Thursday made an historic turn, voting to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota. (05/09/2013)
Read this MPR News Primer on efforts to ban and allow same-sex marriage in Minnesota (05/01/2013)
This maps shows counts by county of currently valid permits from applications received May 2003 to December 2012 and valid on or before December 2012. MPR News calculated the number of permits per 1,000 residents. (04/24/2013)
The Second Amendment preserves the right of Americans to own guns. State and federal laws regulate that use and ownership. A spate of mass shootings in Minnesota and across the country have lawmakers mulling new gun laws. But what are the rules now? How does Minnesota regulate firearms? (03/11/2013)
There's no doubt Minnesota's seen a big jump in the number of handgun permits issued by county sheriffs. But where are those guns? (03/06/2013)
Has Wisconsin out muscled Minnesota the past two years on jobs and the economy? No. Basic economic measures continue to show Minnesota outperforming Wisconsin. (01/25/2013)
Halfway through his term, Gov. Mark Dayton holds solid public approval numbers and new polling suggests he would beat ex-Sen. Norm Coleman in a race for governor next year. Fifty-three percent of voters back Dayton's job performance, while 39 percent disapprove, according to survey results released today from the firm Public Policy Polling. (01/23/2013)
Calling for an end to "gimmicks and fiscal games," Gov. Mark Dayton Tuesday proposed an overhaul of Minnesota's tax and budget system that would raise hundreds of millions more from high-income taxpayers and high-dollar clothing sales, and pump much of the new money into education and property tax relief. (01/22/2013)
At 6.875 percent, Minnesota has one of the highest sales tax rates of any state in the nation. But it's also one of the few states that exempts clothing from the tax. (01/14/2013)
The atmosphere is warmer. But is that a problem? Is global warming simply a temporary, cyclical phenomenon or evidence of a slow motion crisis? How much of what's happening can be traced to humans and their industries? What, if anything, should be done to stop climate change? Is climate change real? (01/10/2013)
The debate over Voter ID is explored through a four-week dialogue. (10/19/2012)
Gray wolves once faced extinction in the upper Midwest. With decades of federal protection, their numbers rebounded. That led federal authorities in January to remove the wolves from the Endangered Species list, placing them under state control. To help manage the population, the state Department of Natural Resources has authorized a wolf hunt, the first ever in Minnesota, starting Nov. 3. But the hunt's been challenged in court and on the airwaves by opponents who question its wisdom and necessity. (10/18/2012)
Minnesota is struggling with a growing mess of pests and plants that shouldn't be here. The state is pressing the fight against invasive species. But is it possible to stop their spread? (10/04/2012)
As Election Day approaches, some voter ID movements around the country are starting to feel a push back. (10/03/2012)
Reuven Rahamim was a tinkerer with an entrepreneur's DNA. Hours before he was shot and killed, he talked enthusiastically of his newest projects and the legacy he one day hoped to leave behind. (09/28/2012)