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Protesters on the move
Police hauled detained protesters to jail by the busload after using smoke and concussion grenades to disperse groups of roving protesters in St. Paul on the final day of the Republican National Convention. (09/04/2008)
Rage Against the Machine
Sen. John McCain joins Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin onstage at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Police use tear gas to disperse the crowd remaining after Rage Against the Machine concert in Minneapolis. (09/03/2008)
Calm returns to Xcel Energy Center after police fired tear gas at protesters. About 2,000 protesters had marched on the Republican National Convention from events at Mears Park and the capitol grounds. (09/02/2008)
Hours after a peaceful anti-war march concluded, police continued to confront and arrest rebellious protesters in downtown St. Paul. Police report 284 arrests. (09/01/2008)