Elizabeth Baier Feature Archive

Voters in six Wisconsin districts go to the polls Tuesday for the first round of Democratic primaries in the state's senate recall elections. (07/11/2011)
Residents of New Ulm paid their final respects Thursday night for some of the victims who died in a fire at the Bohemian Bed and Breakfast in over the weekend. (07/08/2011)
Lawmakers have just two days to negotiate a budget agreement before a potential government shutdown, sending Minnesotans scrambling to make preparations. (06/28/2011)
Roughly 2,400 members of Minnesota's Red Bull brigade are at Fort McCoy, Wis. right now, in their final weeks of training before deploying to Kuwait. (06/27/2011)
Hospitals in the Twin Cities are creating Minnesota's first large-scale program for health care involving end-of-life planning. (06/23/2011)
Olmsted County community leaders are preparing for a possible government shutdown. (06/21/2011)
All six clinics are in Greater Minn. They are scheduled to close Aug. 1. Planned Parenthood said loss of federal funds led to decision. (06/20/2011)
In Fillmore County, the potential threat of a government shutdown has been kind of a non event. Area residents know about the political wrangling in St. Paul and the potential for a shutdown, but life is going on largely as usual. (06/17/2011)
The commute from Minneapolis to Rochester is 86 miles -- one way. But that doesn't stop hundreds of Twin Cities residents from hitting the road everyday to work at the Mayo Clinic, many taking advantage of the Clinic's subsidized bus program. (06/07/2011)
In all, about 100 Mayo doctors, nurses and pharmacists volunteered in Haiti, helping the country rebuild its medical system. (06/05/2011)
Three minority superintendents will start jobs in the Duluth, Rochester and St. Louis County school districts. (06/01/2011)
The Minnesota National Guard held four hometown departure ceremonies Monday for troops deploying to the Middle East. (05/30/2011)
IBM officials would not comment on the cuts and it's unclear exactly how many of the jobs were in Rochester. (05/26/2011)
The deploying Red Bull soldiers represent 530 communities throughout Minnesota and 15 other states. About 39 percent of deploying soldiers leave behind at least one dependent child or spouse. (05/19/2011)
The Rochester School Board has chosen a veteran school administrator from Iowa to be the district's next superintendent. (05/13/2011)