Elizabeth Baier Feature Archive

With obesity rates on the rise, hospital administrators are spending extra money to accommodate heavier patients. (09/14/2011)
Investigators are asking for the public's help identifying the mother of an infant girl found dead last week in the Mississippi River. (09/13/2011)
The Goodhue County Board is among the groups calling on the state's Public Utilities Commission to reconsider a wind project in southeastern Minnesota. (09/12/2011)
Goodhue County commissioners unanimously approved a proposal Tuesday night that will temporarily block a controversial kind of sand mining in the southeastern Minnesota county. (09/07/2011)
Minnesota is home to more than 1,000 movie screens. Some theater owners have converted to digital projection, but others are waiting, balking at the expense. (08/25/2011)
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., stopped by in Rochester Wednesday to highlight Mayo's research on Alzheimer's disease. (08/24/2011)
Two city councils are putting pressure on the Goodhue County board to temporarily block a new kind of mining in the county. Red Wing and Lake City passed symbolic measures this week opposing the potential mining of so-called "frack sand" in their area. The sand would be dug up near Red Wing and used elsewhere in the country for a controversial way of geting oil and gas out of the ground known as fracking. Goodhue County is expected to take up a proposed one-year moratorium on sand mining in the coming weeks. (08/24/2011)
The troops hold positions as mechanics, cooks, truck drivers and infantry soldiers. In Kuwait, they'll provide base management and convoy security for troops leaving Iraq. (08/18/2011)
The Mayo Clinic in Rochester will conduct a clinical trial to administer ovarian and breast cancer vaccines. (08/17/2011)
When visitors stay at one of Minnesota's bed and breakfasts, they might be staying at a facility that a state or local fire official has inspected. But chances are just as good that they are not. (08/16/2011)
President Barack Obama began a three-day bus tour today that will give him a chance to hear directly from a public frustrated with Washington even as energized Republican presidential hopefuls mount counterattacks at every turn. (08/15/2011)
President Barack Obama is kicking off a three-day trip through the Upper Midwest later this morning with a stop in the small southeastern Minnesota town of Cannon Falls. Obama can expect to hear from residents about their frustrations with Congress and the economy. (08/15/2011)
Minnesota financial consultants fielded calls and emails from worried investors after Monday's market drop. (08/08/2011)
With recall elections just days away in Wisconsin, observers say Dan Kapanke may be the most vulnerable of all the Republicans being targeted. (08/04/2011)
An estimated 1,000 cattle have died this week across Minnesota because of the unusually hot weather. (07/20/2011)