Elizabeth Baier Feature Archive

Two deadly accidents on Highway 52 in October re-fueled concerns about a dangerous intersection on the highway between the Twin Cities and Rochester. (11/21/2011)
Since it was proposed, the turbine project has generated strong opposition from some residents, who question the effect the turbines will have on local wildlife and eagle populations. (11/15/2011)
Latino immigrants are often healthier when they first arrive than their U.S.-born counterparts. But they soon become almost twice as likely to develop chronic diseases, compared to non-Latino whites. (11/14/2011)
When Col. Eric Kerska talks about the Minnesota Red Bulls' convoy missions in Kuwait, he can't help but call them grueling. (11/11/2011)
Republican State Senator Mike Parry launched his bid Thursday to capture the congressional seat held by DFL-er Tim Walz. (11/03/2011)
On Wednesdays, we check in with one of our reporters who is based outside the Twin Cities. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio News reporter Elizabeth Baier in Rochester who covers southeastern Minnesota. One of the stories she's tracking is the growing interest in the controversial practice of silica sand mining. Near Chatfield, the Elmira township held a meeting last night to consider a sand mining proposal, and to the east, county commissioners in Winona County are considering whether to temporarily stop sand mining operations. (11/02/2011)
A group of homeowners are suing the city of Winona to overturn a rental rule that prevents them obtaining rental permits for homes on blocks where at least 30 percent of homes already have rental certificates. The homeowners allege the rule violates equal protection rights under the state constitution. (10/25/2011)
With an eye to serving needs like technology services, adult education and historic preservation, school officials are asking the residents of Owatonna to approve a $23.8 million referendum. (10/24/2011)
Health officials have linked six cases of salmonella to contaminated organic eggs from an Owatonna farm. (10/20/2011)
There are only a handful of farms in the country that produce foie gras, and one is located in southeastern Minnesota. Fois gras -- or fattened duck liver -- is a delicacy. It's also the source of a long-running debate over whether the treatment of the ducks can be considered cruel. (10/10/2011)
Officials with the University of Minnesota, the Hormel Foundation and the Mayo Clinic signed an agreement Tuesday they say will improve medical research, particularly in the area of cancer research. (10/04/2011)
The Rochester School District is investigating a possible case of hazing involving several students at John Marshall high school. (09/30/2011)
In a money-saving move, the New Ulm Public Utilities Commission has voted to indefinitely suspend a controversial project to convert a boiler at the city's steam plant from natural gas to coal. (09/28/2011)
State officials will host the first of three open houses in southeastern Minnesota Wednesday to discuss new emerald ash borer infestations. (09/28/2011)
For more than three decades, gardeners at the Seed Savers Exchange have swapped and stored seeds from heirloom plants in an effort to preserve the genetic diversity of North America's plants. (09/21/2011)