Dr. Jon Hallberg Feature Archive

MPR News spoke with Dr. Jon Hallberg on Wednesday to learn more about measles and what can be done to prevent it. (04/06/2011)
Dr. Jon Hallberg, regular medical analyst for MPR's All Things Considered, discussed radiation issues with host Tom Crann. (03/29/2011)
Dr. Jon Hallberg spoke with MPR's Tom Crann on Tuesday about the medical benefits of sleep. Hallberg is a physician in family medicine at the University of Minnesota and director of the Mill City Clinic in Minneapolis. (03/08/2011)
Dr. Jon Hallberg, a regular medical analyst for MPR News, spoke with MPR's All Things Considered about a Consumer Reports survey regarding physician and patient attitudes toward each other. (02/09/2011)
For years, we've heard warnings about antibiotics being over-prescribed, but new findings in the New England Journal of Medicine recommend just that when dealing with middle ear infections in young children. (01/25/2011)
It's the time of year where a lot of people resolve to lose weight, starting exercising, or to get healthy. (01/07/2011)
On this last day of 2010, MPR's Tom Crann sat down with Dr. Jon Hallberg to take a look back at the big medical stories of the year, including cholera in Haiti, health care reform legislation and a explosion of pertussis cases. (12/31/2010)
It's been almost two years since President Obama targeted $19 billion in stimulus money to help medical facilities convert to electronic record-keeping. The technology is intended to improve the quality of care and reduce costs. (12/14/2010)
The Institute of Medicine panel just revised the recommendations for taking vitamin D supplements and calcium. The panel now recommends lower daily doses of both supplements. (12/02/2010)
In spite of challenges and uncertainties, MPR's regular medical analyst Jon Hallberg said there is still reason to be hopeful when it comes to health and wellness this Thanksgiving. (11/24/2010)
The American Heart Association has issued guidelines for ideal cardiovascular health called Life's Simple Seven. MPR's Tom Crann spoke with Dr. Jon Hallberg about the recommendations. (11/18/2010)
Health officials in Haiti continue their efforts to curb the spread of cholera. An outbreak there has already taken the lives of more than 300 people, and cases have been confirmed in two new areas of the country. MPR News medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg joined All Things Considered's Tom Crann on Thursday to answer questions about the disease. (10/28/2010)
The governing body of college sports is now requiring all Division I athletes to be tested for the gene for sickle cell anemia. (09/28/2010)
MPR News medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg joined All Things Considered's Tom Crann on Wednesday to provide an update on this year's flu vaccine, along with information about a shot to prevent pneumonia. (09/08/2010)
It's August in Minnesota, and it's hot, humid and uncomfortable. Dr. Jon Hallberg, our regular medical analyst, talks about why heat is so hard on the body. (08/10/2010)