Nanci Olesen

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Nanci Olesen is the host of the family desk in the Minnesota Public Radio newsroom. In spring 2007, Olesen hosted two pilot programs called "How's the Family?" for American Public Media. A mom of three teenagers and a long time commentator and independent producer for many public radio programs, Olesen joins the Minnesota Public Radio newsroom to delve into stories about the everyday lives of families.

Nanci Olesen Feature Archive

Watching her budget
As the price of food and gasoline continues to rise, older Americans on fixed incomes are finding it more difficult to make ends meet. (05/16/2008)
Families across the United States will celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday for the 100th time. (05/09/2008)
This morning at the state capitol the latest research on the status of girls in Minnesota was released. (04/28/2008)
"Sandwich generation" women provide care for their kids and their own parents, even as they hold down jobs. They rarely seek help with their multiple roles. (04/17/2008)
MPR's Nanci Olesen speaks with sociologist Juliet Schor about why Americans keep buying goods regardless of how much they own. (04/09/2008)
The number of children who are being raised by their grandparents in Minnesota has more than doubled since the 1990s. When grandparents step in to care for their grandchildren, they face lots of challenges. (03/26/2008)
A first-of-its-kind government study found that a quarter of teenage girls in the U.S. has a sexually transmitted disease. By far the most common is human papillomavirus, an infection that can lead to cervical cancer. (All Things Considered, 03/12/2008)
It's not even spring, but parents and kids are already filling out applications for summer camp. For working parents, it can be tough to fill up a whole summer with activities. And a slumping economy only makes it harder. (03/06/2008)
The adoption access bill would allow people who were adopted to find out the names of their birth parents. (03/05/2008)
Some parents worry the controversial film will give kids the impression pregnancy is easy. (02/15/2008)
When kids head off to college, parents are forced to separate themselves from what has been a constant hands-on job for years. (02/08/2008)
The price of dairy products has risen more than 13 percent over the last year. The price of meat is up more than 5 percent. If you've been to a grocery store or restaurant lately you've seen the jump in food prices -- the steepest rise since 1990. (02/01/2008)
A new study shows that people drive slower when they're using their cell phones, because they are not as attentive as other drivers. This is the latest evidence that multi-tasking behind the wheel can adversely affect how you drive. (01/23/2008)
Stories of young people excessively drinking -- be it at a rural bar or a college party -- prompt a lot of people to ask, "Where are the parents?" (01/11/2008)