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Julie Lane
The foreclosure crisis has hit Isanti County, about an hour north of the Twin Cities, particularly hard. It's put a great deal of pressure on local governments and nonprofit groups to provide assistance to residents who are in bad financial shape, even as many of them are too proud to accept it. (09/22/2010)
A neighborhood of foreclosures
The foreclosure rate in Isanti County, about an hour north of the Twin Cities metro area, is the second highest in the state. Just a few years ago, Isanti County was booming. But then the recession came, the housing market went bust, and lots of people who live there lost their jobs. (09/21/2010)
Many Minnesotans who adopt internationally choose children from Guatemala. But this year, would-be parents in Minnesota and every other state are finding their pending adoptions threatened, because of a new effort to prevent child trafficking in adoptions from Guatemala. (01/25/2008)
The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption (HCICA) was established in the Netherlands in 1993 as part of an ongoing effort to standardize adoption laws among participating countries. (01/24/2008)