Tom Weber Feature Archive

During The Daily Circuit Wednesday, a researcher from Illinois said game wardens are called as backups for domestic violence calls. We spoke to a retired DNR conservation officer about the job. (The Daily Circuit, 08/16/2012)
In the Minnesota countryside, sheer isolation can make domestic violence both dangerous for victims and complicated for police. The nearest neighbors may be miles away. Cell phone reception is often poor. Transportation options, beyond driving, can be limited or nonexistent. (The Daily Circuit, 08/15/2012)
Voters in Minnesota head to the polls Tuesday for a primary election - and there's also a primary election in Wisconsin. Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl is retiring this fall, leaving an open seat. The Democrats have united behind Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, while the Republicans have four Senate candidates running in Tuesday's primary. (The Daily Circuit, 08/10/2012)
Police agencies across Minnesota and the country are utilizing new technology that allows license plates to be scanned real time. How long should information on where you've driven be kept by law enforcement agencies, and should it be legal? (The Daily Circuit, 08/10/2012)
Neuroscientists answer your questions: How does a brain think? And what is the relationship between increased physical exercise and cognitive processes (The Daily Circuit, 08/09/2012)
The start of the upcoming school year will mark the debut of a new type of teacher preparation program for the Twin Cities. The program, known as TC2, is starting small, but organizers wonder if it might be the next big thing. (The Daily Circuit, 07/16/2012)
Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius spoke with The Daily Circuit about Minnesota's decision to adopt the English Common Core standards for K-12 education, but not the math. (The Daily Circuit, 06/12/2012)
Les Szabo, research geneticist and acting research leader at the USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory on The University of Minnesota's St. Paul campus, discusses wheat's resistance to a new rust and how GMOs could help solve the problem. (The Daily Circuit, 06/11/2012)
With the farmers' market season in full swing here in Minnesota, how are we supposed to know what's in season now and how to cook it? (The Daily Circuit, 06/07/2012)
In "The Big Roads," Earl Swift looks at the history of the interstate highway system. He spoke with The Daily Circuit about his historical research. (The Daily Circuit, 06/06/2012)
Inmates in Minnesota are spending more time in prison, according to a new report from the Pew Center on the States. (The Daily Circuit, 06/06/2012)
One of the most successful recording artists to come out of Belgium hopes she'll enjoy similar success here in the United States when her album is released here later this summer. She performed in the MPR studios last week. (The Daily Circuit, 05/30/2012)
Public Insight Network reporter Jeff Severns Guntzel wondered if this year's primary battles weren't something of a 'conservative moment' in America - and he wanted to hear from conservatives about the stories in their lives that made them conservative. (The Daily Circuit, 05/30/2012)
Interim CEO of Fairview Health Services Charles Mooty along with a top executive of a debt collection agency that has come under fire in Minnesota will be among those testifying at a congressional committee in St. Paul Wednesday morning. (The Daily Circuit, 05/30/2012)
Thousands of high school students from more than 200 schools across Minnesota, neighboring states and Canada made Valleyfair Amusement Park in Shakopee their classroom this week. It's a yearly tradition known as Physics Day and this year marked the 25th year the amusement park hosted it. (The Daily Circuit, 05/25/2012)