Tom Weber Feature Archive

Commissioners who oversee the operation of Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport are debating whether to approve a $1.5 billion expansion that includes remodeling concourses and building an international wing. (The Daily Circuit, 09/18/2012)
One major issue in the ongoing Chicago teachers' strike is how the district will evaluate teachers. In Minnesota, every district in the state is preparing to have a similar system in place; state law requires the systems to be in place by the 2014-15 school year. (The Daily Circuit, 09/18/2012)
Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader and heart transplant surgeon Bill Frist will speak in Minneapolis Saturday evening for an event with the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. He talked to The Daily Circuit about whether the candidates were having the right debate over health care. (The Daily Circuit, 09/13/2012)
Gov. Mark Dayton on Thursday announced the winners in a $47.5 million statewide competition designed to spur job creation. The largest sum went to St. Paul to build a ballpark for the St. Paul Saints. Saints Owner Mike Veeck joined the Daily Circuit as the announcement was being made. (The Daily Circuit, 09/13/2012)
Concordia University in St. Paul plans to announce Wednesday that it will cut its tuition by a third next year. The private school's current tuition is $29,700; officials plan to drop that by $10,000. (The Daily Circuit, 09/12/2012)
The Minnesota State Fair wrapped up its run Monday night, but if for one fleeting moment, we're going to go back to the Fair. On Saturday, John Mark Nelson played a few songs from his new album called "Waiting and Waiting" at the MPR booth. (The Daily Circuit, 09/04/2012)
With the State Fair ending Monday, you only have a few more days to go to the Dairy Building to see the butter princesses inside the rotating cooler, having their likeness carved into 90 pounds of butter. What happens to those butter heads when the Fair ends? (08/30/2012)
People in the northern Minnesota town of Wadena will get their first look Wednesday night at the town's new middle and high school. The Wadena-Deer Creek High School building was destroyed in the June 17, 2010 tornado outbreak in the state. (The Daily Circuit, 08/28/2012)
A mine in Lead, S.D. is being re-purposed for a new kind of discovery. Researchers have installed the LUX Dark Matter Detector in the mine and are beginning research in the hopes of finding proof of dark matter. (The Daily Circuit, 08/21/2012)
A group of about 30 undocumented immigrants is currently making their way by bus from Arizona across the southern United States to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. (The Daily Circuit, 08/16/2012)
During The Daily Circuit Wednesday, a researcher from Illinois said game wardens are called as backups for domestic violence calls. We spoke to a retired DNR conservation officer about the job. (The Daily Circuit, 08/16/2012)
In the Minnesota countryside, sheer isolation can make domestic violence both dangerous for victims and complicated for police. The nearest neighbors may be miles away. Cell phone reception is often poor. Transportation options, beyond driving, can be limited or nonexistent. (The Daily Circuit, 08/15/2012)
Voters in Minnesota head to the polls Tuesday for a primary election - and there's also a primary election in Wisconsin. Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl is retiring this fall, leaving an open seat. The Democrats have united behind Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, while the Republicans have four Senate candidates running in Tuesday's primary. (The Daily Circuit, 08/10/2012)
Police agencies across Minnesota and the country are utilizing new technology that allows license plates to be scanned real time. How long should information on where you've driven be kept by law enforcement agencies, and should it be legal? (The Daily Circuit, 08/10/2012)
Neuroscientists answer your questions: How does a brain think? And what is the relationship between increased physical exercise and cognitive processes (The Daily Circuit, 08/09/2012)