Tom Weber Feature Archive

Dunwoody Academy charter school is moving out from its home of two years -- beneath the roof of North High School in Minneapolis. (07/07/2011)
Six charter schools across Minnesota have closed in recent weeks -- the largest number of closings in a decade. (07/06/2011)
Gov. Dayton and Republican legislative leaders may resort to delaying more payments to Minnesota's public schools as a way to close a $5 billion projected budget gap. That's one tactic that both sides have floated as part of the budget solution. It saves costs to the state, but adds more burden to the school districts. (07/05/2011)
Leaders of Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy acknowledge their prospects of reopening their charter school are not good. As of now, the state no longer considers TiZA a public school. TiZA also filed for bankruptcy last week, a move that was made to protect its financial obligations. (07/05/2011)
Minnesota public employee retirees have lost a round in their effort to turn back pension changes made by lawmakers last year. (06/30/2011)
Minnesota 9th graders showed little change this year on a required statewide writing test. (06/29/2011)
St. Paul School Board members began a discussion about student bullying, hoping open up further conversation on the issue and define district policy. (06/29/2011)
The LeCenter and Montgomery-Lonsdale districts will consolidate, the first in Minnesota in two years. (06/28/2011)
Teachers and other school staff who need licenses must submit paperwork in the next few days, ahead of any possible government shutdown, or else find themselves prohibited from working. (06/24/2011)
The leaders of 20 charter schools across Minnesota are wondering if next week might be their last in business. They all had to find new sponsors this year, but the switch to a new sponsor still hasn't earned final approval from the state education department. (06/24/2011)
The St. Paul school board has voted to eliminate more than 300 positions to balance next year's budget. (06/22/2011)
Lawyers for two national civil rights groups met with leaders of the Anoka-Hennepin School district Tuesday to discuss claims that gay students have been illegally harassed. (06/14/2011)
Employees of Minnesota's public schools are not state workers, but their salaries and other school expenses rely on money that districts get from the state. So, one question surrounding a possible government shutdown is whether public schools in Minnesota would continue to receive state payments. Without any definitive ruling on the question yet, school leaders are drawing up contingency plans. (06/13/2011)
School board members from across the metro want GOP leaders to re-think the education budget they passed this year that has since been vetoed. (06/09/2011)
The Republican-led Legislature approved an education budget this spring that eliminates the funding for integration efforts altogether. But Gov. Dayton vetoed that bill, leaving the fate of the $100 million a year program uncertain. (06/09/2011)