Tom Weber Feature Archive

As he starts his 50th season, Ron Stolski is more than a high school football coach. (09/02/2011)
A new law takes effect in Minnesota today regarding concussion injuries involving student athletes. (09/01/2011)
Two schools in a little-known district in the Twin Cities could be up for closure. (08/31/2011)
The St. Paul School District will reimburse its superintendent up to $40,000 dollars for moving-related costs. (08/25/2011)
Twelve Minnesota high schools will open their high school football season this weekend one week before the rest of the schools in the state. (08/25/2011)
A high school in south-central Minnesota is dropping varsity football this season over safety concerns related to a lack of upperclassmen on the team. (08/25/2011)
Two lawsuits over the treatment of gay students in the Anoka-Hennepin School District offer something old and something new for legal observers. (08/23/2011)
The state's education commissioner says she's exploring ways to make the ACT college entrance exam even higher-stakes for Minnesota students than it already is. (08/17/2011)
Minnesota's high school class of 2011 scored an average of 22.9 of a possible 36 on the ACT, among the best in the nation. (08/17/2011)
The father of a U.S. soldier and Minnesota native who was killed in Afghanistan speaks in his memory. (08/16/2011)
Minnesota's education commissioner today requested from the federal education department to waive two sections of the No Child Left Behind education law. (08/16/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton said today that the state will expand a ratings system for daycare and early childhood education providers across Minnesota. (08/10/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton said Wednesday that state law already allows officials to create a statewide rating system for daycare and early childhood education providers so there's no need for legislation or any other action. (08/10/2011)
A group of teachers will meet with state Republican party officials Wednesday evening to discuss forming a caucus of GOP-leaning union members. (08/10/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton announced Monday that Minnesota will seek a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law that would give the state permission to bypass some testing requirements and punishments. (08/08/2011)