Tim Nelson Feature Archive

The crane will be going up and down for testing in the next few days. It will stand nearly 400 feet high when it is up all the way. (07/10/2014)
The bridge work was supposed to be finished by 5 a.m today. MnDOT spokesman Kevin Gutknecht says there were problems with the equipment that was pushing the 3.5 million pound bridge into place. (07/10/2014)
Minnesota is trying a new bridge construction method today on Interstate 35E. (07/09/2014)
The State Patrol said Alyssa Grimm was riding in the west bound lane of Mille Lacs County Road 8 about 10:20 p.m. when a car westbound on the road struck her. (07/09/2014)
Authorities have not named the victim yet. The body was turned over to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner for an autopsy. (07/07/2014)
MnDOT says that Highway 36 between Rice Street and Highway 61 will close on either side of Interstate 35E in Roseville and Maplewood this weekend, and more closures are expected. (06/27/2014)
The Mississippi River has started to ease back from its flood crest, and water is receding elsewhere as well today. (06/27/2014)
Rivers are continuing to crest through central Minnesota as the runoff from last week's storms moves through the region. (06/26/2014)
President Barack Obama's visit to Minnesota will mean road and park closures around south Minneapolis, starting before a Town Hall event in Minnehaha Park this afternoon. (06/26/2014)
The traditional Fourth of July festival has had a checkered history. After starting successfully at the State Capitol, it moved to Harriet Island in St. Paul. A reboot of the event in 2009 met with mixed success, and went bankrupt amid acrimony with the city of St. Paul and vendors in 2010. (06/25/2014)
There's a landslide on the street above Mark Proctor's Mendota, Minn. house. It might get bigger. That means he and his neighbors had to leave. (06/25/2014)
Gov. Mark Dayton is visiting Warroad today to look over flood preparations. The lake hasn't spilled into town yet, but east winds threaten to push lake levels higher -- and more rain is expected. (06/25/2014)
Skies have been blue, but the damage left by last week's storms and flooding is still creeping up, in cities, small towns and farms. In some parts of the state, nearly half of this year's crops are gone. (06/24/2014)
A U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist says most of the state is vulnerable to flooding at this point. Survey crews are out measuring river flows and stream gauges in the wake of the heavy rains that have caused flooding in many parts of the state. Here's an update on the impact of flooding around the state. (06/23/2014)
A BNSF train derailed between Elk River and Ramsey this morning, and the damaged cars are blocking the tracks. Metro Transit says limited bus replacement service is available, but the buses will have limited capacity and won't be running on a regular schedule. (06/13/2014)