Tim Nelson Feature Archive

Authorities say 51-year-old Damian McManus and 19-year-old Evan McManus, who are from St. Louis Park, Minn., were last heard from on Wednesday. (04/08/2014)
It's hard to believe it has been just 99 days since the Vikings played their last game in the Metrodome. Since then, the roof has been deflated and two separate explosions have helped bring down the 30-year-old baseball and football stadium. (04/07/2014)
The Minneapolis-based hackers at OMGTransit rebooted their web service last night and are getting tantalizingly close to putting a transportation system in the palm of your hand -- or at least on your smart phone. (03/28/2014)
Pang Se Vang allegedly shot his 36-year-old son at their home. Charges filed against the elder Vang in Ramsey County District Court say that the victim had recently purchased the house and that his mother and father lived there with him. (03/27/2014)
The airport is configured with multiple, smaller checkpoints that make it hard for the Transportation Security Administration to staff, especially during a period of staffing cuts, said airport spokesman Patrick Hogan. (03/26/2014)
Minneapolis police said in a statement that the two officers were transported to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale for treatment after the 9 p.m. incident, although their injuries weren't believed to be serious. (03/26/2014)
The Minnesota Lottery's instant online games are selling well, but six weeks after their launch, state-sponsored Internet gambling is causing a backlash at the state Capitol. (03/25/2014)
The Lottery started offering instant scratch-off tickets on its website on Feb. 6 and is now selling as much as $3,500 a day in instant games, he added. In addition, the lottery has expanded its offerings, and retail sales are also rising. (03/25/2014)
School founders Grant West and Carl Walker broke open one of the walls in the old College of Visual Arts classrooms on Selby Avenue to make way for a renovation for the school they started 26 years ago across the street in a former barbeque joint and liquor store. (03/24/2014)
Vikings stadium builders say they're getting ready to pick a company to run the new building when it opens in 2016. (03/23/2014)
Construction on the new Vikings stadium will soon be in high gear. (03/22/2014)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation is closing a major road in St. Paul this weekend. (03/22/2014)
Three people were hurt in a bus crash in south Minneapolis this morning when a car on Blaisdell Avenue struck a westbound bus on 24th Street just after 8 a.m. (03/20/2014)
The storm left streets covered with warm, slushy snow for this morning's commute, and in the Twin Cities Metro Transit is advising riders to take an earlier bus. Trains were on time before the start of rush hour. (03/19/2014)
The project is expected to cost more than $300 million, and will be the biggest expansion since the mall opened in 1992. It includes a JW Marriott hotel on the north side of the mall, opposite the Radisson Blue that opened a year ago on the south side of the mall. (03/18/2014)