Laura Yuen Feature Archive

Many Somali Minnesotans remain mistrustful of the pilot program spearheaded by U.S. Attorney Andy Luger. (05/15/2015)
A Minneapolis judge offered a flicker of hope Tuesday to the families of five young men accused of trying to join the ISIS terror group. (05/12/2015)
Inspired by a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision, Alan Page became a Minnesota Viking and a state Supreme Court justice. He's convinced that young people can solve society's problems. (05/11/2015)
Mistrust is running high because the government used a paid informant in an anti-terror probe. (05/08/2015)
The Star Tribune also said it would stop publishing its own entertainment weekly, (05/06/2015)
An al-Shabab fighter who left Minnesota in 2008 called for an attack in response to the Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas. Ten days later, an attack happened. (05/04/2015)
Many Somali-Americans are suspicious of outreach programs. That sentiment spilled out at the Capitol last weekend, when family and friends held a protest in support of the six men arrested. (04/30/2015)
His tweets allegedly threatened that if his "brothers" weren't released, "a massacre is going to happen." (04/24/2015)
The FBI spelled out the details of its deal with a confidential source who helped make its case against six young men allegedly planning to join ISIS in Syria. (04/23/2015)
The mothers of three men charged with trying to join ISIS depended on their first-born sons to be the bedrock of their families. Instead, the men face years in prison. (04/23/2015)
As four of the six men made their first court appearances, supporters said it was wrong of the government to use a friend against them. (04/20/2015)
The complaint alleges some of the men were in touch with Abdi Nur, a Twin Cities man who left the country last year and has been presumed fighting with ISIS. (04/20/2015)
Two Somali women say their sons were arrested at home Sunday in Minneapolis. (04/19/2015)
The family of a woman shot and wounded Thursday night by Robbinsdale police acknowledged she had a knife but said she wasn't threatening officers. (04/17/2015)
Jim Nobles will review allegations the Minneapolis Urban League may have inappropriately spent state and school district money on projects to help struggling high school students. (04/16/2015)