Laura Yuen Feature Archive

Authorities say the ring distributed drugs including heroin, methamphetamine, oxycodone and others in and around the Red Lake and White Earth Indian reservations starting in April 2014. (05/28/2015)
Three cities say the Met Council has intentionally concentrated low-income rental housing in impoverished areas. The Met Council contends it cannot withhold money from cities that don't meet housing goals. (05/27/2015)
Larry Dwayne Davis died about a mile from where he gunned down another man in 2001. Davis was on supervised release after serving time for that murder. (05/27/2015)
Abdirahman Daud is accused of trying to fight for ISIS in Syria. His lawyer talked in court about the long history of Americans going overseas to fight for causes. (05/22/2015)
Now that she's finished college, the Eagan woman feels a need to pursue a different subject: deepening her Muslim faith. (05/22/2015)
Federal prosecutors say the men, all 19 and 20 years old, were conspiring to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS. (05/20/2015)
The grand jury indictments were unsealed Tuesday, revealing new charges of college financial aid fraud against two of the men. (05/19/2015)
Many Somali Minnesotans remain mistrustful of the pilot program spearheaded by U.S. Attorney Andy Luger. (05/15/2015)
A Minneapolis judge offered a flicker of hope Tuesday to the families of five young men accused of trying to join the ISIS terror group. (05/12/2015)
Inspired by a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision, Alan Page became a Minnesota Viking and a state Supreme Court justice. He's convinced that young people can solve society's problems. (05/11/2015)
Mistrust is running high because the government used a paid informant in an anti-terror probe. (05/08/2015)
The Star Tribune also said it would stop publishing its own entertainment weekly, (05/06/2015)
An al-Shabab fighter who left Minnesota in 2008 called for an attack in response to the Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas. Ten days later, an attack happened. (05/04/2015)
Many Somali-Americans are suspicious of outreach programs. That sentiment spilled out at the Capitol last weekend, when family and friends held a protest in support of the six men arrested. (04/30/2015)
His tweets allegedly threatened that if his "brothers" weren't released, "a massacre is going to happen." (04/24/2015)