Laura Yuen Feature Archive

A woman pleaded guilty in federal court in St. Paul Tuesday to stealing federal money intended for victims of Hurricane Katrina. (10/30/2012)
Hennepin County prosecutors allege that a convicted murderer ordered the beatings of witnesses so they would recant their trial testimony against him. (10/29/2012)
A leading Muslim civil rights group says it welcomes a federal investigation into a Twin Cities suburb's rejection of a mosque proposal. (10/29/2012)
Four years after federal authorities in the Twin Cities began investigating homegrown recruitment for the terrorist group al-Shabab, at least two additional men slipped away to Somalia as recently as July. (10/26/2012)
The Ka Joog nonprofit run by young Somali-Americans from the Twin Cities will receive a community leadership award today from the Minneapolis office of the FBI. (10/24/2012)
Defense attorneys described Mahamud Said Omar as "a frightened little man" who was "not capable of running anything." But a federal jury in Minneapolis didn't buy it. Omar was guilty on five counts of aiding the extremist group al-Shabab with logistical and financial assistance. (10/18/2012)
A Minneapolis jury has found a Minnesota man guilty of helping the extremist group al-Shabab in Somalia with logistical and financial assistance. (10/18/2012)
Mahamud Said Omar may not have been the one who indoctrinated several young Twin Cities men to fight for a terrorist group, but he helped steer them into a deadly pipeline to Somalia, according to a federal prosecutor in closing arguments in Omar's terrorism trial Wednesday. (10/17/2012)
Some of the most incriminating evidence against a Minneapolis man accused of aiding a Somali terror group appears to have come from his own statements to the FBI. (10/16/2012)
A Minnesota man accused of sending cash and fighters to a Somali terrorism group told the FBI he was a "team leader" for al-Shabab, according to testimony in federal court Tuesday. (10/16/2012)
Phone records tracked by the FBI show a Minneapolis man accused of supporting a Somali terror group exchanged hundreds of calls and text messages with a second wave of al-Shabab recruits from the Twin Cities. (10/15/2012)
A Minnesota man who traveled to Somalia to fight Ethiopian troops told a federal jury Thursday it was the biggest mistake of his life. (10/11/2012)
What began as a quest to become a "good Muslim" took a young suburban Twin Cities man to a battlefield in Somalia. (10/11/2012)
A third Twin Cities man recruited to fight for the terrorist group al-Shabab in Somalia told a federal jury on Wednesday he was convinced he would be a "good Muslim" by joining the war in his homeland. (10/10/2012)
Defense attorneys turned up the heat Tuesday on a key government witness in the federal terrorism trial of Mahamud Said Omar. (10/09/2012)