Laura Yuen Feature Archive

Just as opening arguments are scheduled to begin in a case accusing Twin Cities gangs of prostituting young girls, the credibility of one of the alleged victims has come under dispute. (04/08/2012)
Every sign of winter's end carries significance for Terry Strack and his wife, Cynthia Smith-Strack, because they know it will likely be their last spring together. (03/30/2012)
An FBI agent testified in federal court Wednesday that a former Minneapolis man accused of financing the travels of al-Shabab recruits was treated fairly during questioning. (03/21/2012)
Jury selection began Tuesday in Nashville in the case of an alleged sex-trafficking ring with strong ties to the Twin Cities. (03/20/2012)
A national men's organization that fights drug use and violence has chosen a Minneapolis man to sit at the helm. (03/16/2012)
The state's settlers from northern or central Europe -- primarily Germany and Scandinavia -- had a profound impact on how the social culture here developed. (03/15/2012)
A $1.2 million marketing program to bring customers to the Central Corridor light-rail construction zone in St. Paul has hit a speed bump. (03/15/2012)
Minneapolis police are investigating the shooting death of a cab driver on the city's north side. (03/15/2012)
Local law enforcement agencies are getting $4 million to help them crack down on auto theft. (03/13/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Commerce is awarding nearly $4 million to local law enforcement agencies to help them crack down on auto theft. (03/13/2012)
A St. Paul man will be honored this month for his rescue of a neighbor who had been locked inside her burning home. (03/12/2012)
Cathy Wurzer talks with MPR's Laura Yuen about her series, The Outsiders: Is Minnesota Nice to Newcomers? (03/12/2012)
In a first-grade class at Lino Lakes Elementary School, a circle of students, most of them white, sing children's songs in Spanish. The class is part of a fledgling but popular Spanish-immersion program at the school. It's also a small island of linguistic diversity in a community where, a year and a half ago, officials made it clear that only English would be the language of city documents. (03/12/2012)
Minnesotans may take pride in their reputation for friendliness. But the flip side of "Minnesota Nice" is a culture that keeps outsiders at a distance. Newcomers say it can be hard to adjust to the state. (03/12/2012)
Willmar is still grappling with the uncertainty that comes with immigration. More than 20 years after migrant farmers from Mexico and the southern United States began to make Willmar home, a flood of new arrivals from Somalia has introduced new frictions. It has also compelled people to move beyond their comfort zones and talk to their neighbors. (03/12/2012)