Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

Even when the house is empty, the inside of St. Paul's Ordway Theater is a sight to behold. From the stage, plush seats fill your line of sight row after row and extend to a third balcony. (01/25/2011)
A horseback ride to commemorate 38 hanged Dakota warriors. (12/24/2010)
A brief history of the deflating dome. (12/20/2010)
Cantus performs in a not so likely MPR space. (12/17/2010)
What does the inside of a sculpture sound like? Close your eyes and let Cantus lead the way. (12/09/2010)
Ron Dellum discusses America's Socialist health care system. (12/06/2010)
Gangsters, mushrooms, and Cantus. Singing in the caves (11/30/2010)
The men of Cantus take their voices out of the concert hall and under a bridge. (11/18/2010)
Ohara, Japan and Duluth, Minn., use a slice of tumultuous to ring out in harmony. (11/12/2010)
A 2341 foot vertical train ride into the earth can get a little bumpy. (10/29/2010)
Paul Wellstone is interviewed on MPR just after winning his 1990 senate bid. (10/28/2010)
Tinkling crystal: the song of a 100 year old hotel. (10/19/2010)
Lions and tigers and bears... well actually, no bears. (10/15/2010)
It's his "Dreamcycle" world, we just live in it. (09/24/2010)
An outdated piece of farm equipment is re-purposed as a music box. (09/17/2010)