Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

Split Rock Lighthouse is easing into its century status. It began operating in 1910 and was celebrated throughout 2010 to mark its 100th anniversary. (03/22/2011)
Dr. Eoin McKiernan talks about what it means to be Irish. (03/14/2011)
Scrapes and cuts help fine tune the violin. (03/04/2011)
Duluthians barely notice the deafening whistles and fog horn blasts that are part of area shipping, but the boats, and their sounds, remain a big draw for tourists. (02/17/2011)
Traditions are passed down at North House Folk School. (02/15/2011)
More than a surfin' bird. (02/06/2011)
Otherworldly sounds groaned out of digger trucks, crushers, and explosions. (01/27/2011)
Even when the house is empty, the inside of St. Paul's Ordway Theater is a sight to behold. From the stage, plush seats fill your line of sight row after row and extend to a third balcony. (01/25/2011)
A horseback ride to commemorate 38 hanged Dakota warriors. (12/24/2010)
A brief history of the deflating dome. (12/20/2010)
Cantus performs in a not so likely MPR space. (12/17/2010)
What does the inside of a sculpture sound like? Close your eyes and let Cantus lead the way. (12/09/2010)
Ron Dellum discusses America's Socialist health care system. (12/06/2010)
Gangsters, mushrooms, and Cantus. Singing in the caves (11/30/2010)
The men of Cantus take their voices out of the concert hall and under a bridge. (11/18/2010)