Marc Sanchez

Producer, Performance Today
Minnesota Public Radio

Marc Sanchez is a producer on American Public Media’s live classical music program, Performance Today. He’s also a producer on the kids science podcast Brains On! His past MPRNews duties have included reporting stories, producing award-winning documentaries, and directing a daily, three hour call-in show. Sanchez also started the project that became Minnesota Sounds and Voices, in an effort to highlight the unique stories that could only come from this great state. And, if your head is bobbing to the music in between news stories, there’s a decent chance he had a hand it.

Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

Do you feel a sneeze coming on?
The question of why the sun makes some people sneeze has been a mystery for millennia. Turns out there's a name for the phenomenon: photic sneeze reflex. (05/13/2015)
The proportion of marriages that remain interfaith jumped from 20 percent in the 1960s to around 40 percent by the first decade of this century. (The Daily Circuit, 04/24/2014)
The jetpacks we thought we'd have didn't work out. (The Daily Circuit, 04/24/2014)
We interviewed Minnesotans on their way to Boston. (The Daily Circuit, 04/21/2014)
Edina runner will take part in the 'Boston Strong' experience. (The Daily Circuit, 04/18/2014)
The Duluth-based band defies easy description. (The Daily Circuit, 04/11/2014)
German composer and pianist finds new ways to conjure distinctive sounds. (The Daily Circuit, 01/30/2014)
Web-based publications bet on a public appetite for long-form journalism. (The Daily Circuit, 09/19/2013)
The event this afternoon to mark the 10th anniversary of Sen. Paul Wellstone's death will take place at the Wellstone memorial near the crash site near Eveleth, Minn. The memorial site will be busier today, but on a normal day, it's a quiet place in northern Minnesota. (The Daily Circuit, 10/25/2012)
The semantics of love, according to frogs. (04/29/2011)
Group howls and hunts and the Wildlife Science Center. (04/19/2011)
World-class cancer research in Austin, Minn. (04/13/2011)
Tradition smothered in butter. (03/28/2011)