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Tour of IBM in India
The deals between Minnesota and Indian businesses are starting to take off as Gov. Tim Pawlenty's trade mission to India wraps up Friday in Mumbai. (10/26/2007)
Street scene
That's ironic because the CNN anchor's been a critic of the outsourcing of American jobs. But all that attention has turned out to be a good thing for Bangalore-based Wipro. (10/25/2007)
Lighting ceremony
Gov. Tim Pawlenty wowed a lunch crowd Wednesday in Bangalore with a speech selling Minnesota. Apparently, the speech worked -- Pawlenty was asked by at least one person when he plans to run for president. (10/24/2007)
Is Gov. Tim Pawlenty making a difference for Minnesota by being in India? Reporter Gita Sitaramiah asks that question of some of the delegates on the state's trade mission to India. (10/23/2007)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty and dozens of Minnesota business representatives are traveling in India, hoping to boost trade with that country. Reporter Gita Sitaramiah tells us about the first days' activities. (10/22/2007)